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Top Tips To Get Healthy Teeth And A Dazzling Smile

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How To Get A Dazzling Smile And Healthy Teeth

We all would love a dazzling smile and a beautiful set of healthy teeth, but did you know that it’s easier to achieve than you may think? Here’s how to do it simply and affordably.


Replace Your Sugar With More Natural Sweetener

healthy teeth for a dazzling smile

Sugar is the single biggest culprit when it comes to tooth decay. If you want that selfie smile then you’ve gotta do some cutting down on the sweet stuff first. The best tooth-friendly sugar substitutes are coconut sugar, date sugar, and agave syrup. Agave syrup is made from the agave plant, which also helps to prevent heart disease. If you like the super sweet taste of regular sugar, then date sugar is a great replacement.


Undergo Dental Work

If you think you might need braces, then you might want to look up services from Tioga Dental or visit your local orthodontist. Invisalign braces are perfect if you want to conceal the fact that you’re wearing them, as they are super discreet. With clear Invisalign designs, the aligners are custom made and need changing every two weeks.

healthy teeth for a dazzling smile



Use an ACV Mouthwash

An apple cider vinegar rinse is a great way to create a natural mouthwash and kill any lingering bacteria. Gargle it down every day before brushing your teeth. Eventually, you’ll notice that any stains are diminishing and your teeth are gradually starting to brighten. ACV is also great for the hair.

Brush With Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used as an alternative to toothpaste, plus it works as effectively to remove stains. Make sure to spit it out after brushing and give your mouth a thorough rinsing to remove any residue. Baking soda also works well as a mouthwash when mixed with water.

Brush Properly

When it comes to brushing our healthy teeth, not everyone knows the right technique. To ensure a thorough brushing, the bristles of your toothbrush should be positioned at a 45-degree angle. Brush in back and forth and up and down motions, and don’t forget to include some tongue cleaning too! A visit to the dentist twice a year will give you the expert advice you need.


healthy teeth


Go Bananas

Believe it or not, the banana peel is also an effective natural teeth whitener. Simply rub the white side on your teeth into a paste and leave for at least 20 minutes before rinsing your mouth. Bananas contain many minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese, that are absorbed through the teeth.

Milk It

Calcium is great for the tooth, so what better for strengthening your enamel than a glass of fresh milk. If a pint of milk is too much for you, dairy products such as yogurt and cheese work great too.



A good way to combat tooth decay is wit flossing. Flossing gets into all the little nooks and crannies where your regular toothbrush can’t reach, so it’s incredibly important for oral hygiene. Use it to get rid of plaque buildup and tartar, by flossing under the gum line and between your teeth. Make sure you floss at least once a day to ensure perfect hygiene.

Healthy Teeth and a dazzling smile are not only attractive but an indicator or good overall health!

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