Face Your Fears With An Exciting Adventure Vacation



How To Face Your Fears

There’s an old saying, which we all know by now – “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”. Another saying goes “feel the fear and do it anyway!”. The essential message of both these old sayings is simple. Sometimes we spend so long psyching ourselves out about the consequences that we miss out on an experience. And on holiday, it’s the natural time to do something different – to say “Never mind the consequences, I’m going for it!”.

Now, don’t take this as a statement that any behavior is okay as long as you are on Vacation. That would be unwise in the extreme. It’s NOT okay to cheat on your spouse because you’re in another city.

It’s NOT okay to do just any old stuff because you’re overcoming fear. Adrenaline rushes are easy to come by legally, so don’t go hiring a car and committing a bank robbery. However, if there are things that make you wince, maybe you need to give yourself a push to try them.

  1. Swimming Or Running With Something Scary


There are increasing opportunities to swim with sharks on different coastal holidays. You can do this off the coast of the US, in Australia or South Africa to name a few. Of course, you’re not right there in the water with the sharks. You’re in a cage, perfectly safe, but you get to see them right up close. Alternatively, on safari, you get the chance to see some big cats in their natural environment. If you’re not fond of water, this is a fine alternative and an awesome view.

  1. Seeing The World From Above


It’s often a bit awkward to even go on holiday if you have a fear of flying. And some people do have this deep-seated phobia, while others are just a bit nervous of flying.

If you fall into the latter category, helicopter tours of some of the world’s finest cities are available to give you a reason to test that fear. Cityscapes that look amazing in photos look even better when seen up close from a helicopter.


  1. Extreme Activities – How Brave Can You Be?

Facing down your fears is good for you, health-wise. It has been proven to have psychological benefits and make you bolder in general life. So bear that in mind if you’re thinking of ducking out on a chance to go bungee jumping.




Other activities that may seem like a nightmare but end up being a rush include hang gliding, zip wires and abseiling. A fear of heights – or more accurately of falling – is natural. But in a protected environment, you’re absolutely safe. And the views are so worth it.



Not only are these activities a chance to get the adrenaline pumping and a worthwhile pursuit in their own right. They are also great ways to redirect any wilder impulses that you might get while on holiday. Better to go on a bungee jump than to spend the same money on finishing off a bottle of tequila, wouldn’t you agree?

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