Great Ideas For A Girl’s Night In

girl's night
If there’s one thing I hear over and over again from busy moms it’s that they miss having the freedom to have girls’ nights in. When your family life starts coming together, it can be hard to plan these around the needs of your kids and partner. If you’ve got the time to host a girls’ night in, then I suggest you use it! Here are some great ideas you could use.
girl's night
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One great idea for a girls’ night in is making it a spa night. As I mentioned before, a lot of moms get way too little time to indulge themselves. The shadows under our eyes and our weathered skin are annoying little reminders of that! Why not do something about it by inviting all your mum friends over for a fun spa night. You could hire a professional to your home from here;Mobile Spa  but I’m sure you’re all overqualified! Get into your bathrobes and give each other manicures, pedicures and facials. The jokes and gossip will flow pretty naturally!
girl's night
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Another, simpler idea would be having a girl’s night marathon. I’m sure that since you settled down, there have been a lot of great ones you haven’t had the time to see. Who better to watch them all with than your girlfriends? If your kids and partner are out of the way for a whole night, then this is certainly a good way to spend the time! Get out a bulk order of tissues, and keep putting them on until you’re struggling to stay awake! There’s nothing better than an engaging love story and a good cry with your friends.
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Cooking together is another great way to spend an evening with your friends. Pretend you’re the star of a cooking network show, and your friends are the guests. It doesn’t really matter what you prepare and eat. In my opinion, more complex recipes make for the most laughs. If it all goes wrong, you can always just order pizza! You might want to start the evening off by mixing cocktails or making sangria. Recipes like these ones are readily available on the internet, so get looking! Whatever you cook, you’re sure to have some hilarious mishaps and food (of some description) by the end of it!
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Finally, getting everyone to chip in for an instructor. Hiring a professional instructor to give your party some kind of class could be a great way to structure your evening. It might be a chilled-out yoga session, or a light-hearted taster on belly dancing. If there won’t be too much fine china around, then you may even want to hire a self-defence instructor! Then, of course, we come back to the classic cooking and drink mixing classes. Whatever you choose, try and keep it light and undemanding. You should also stay away from things that only half of your party are great at!
I hope that one of these ideas really makes your girls’night in. There are all kinds of ways you can treat yourself and your friends; get creative!

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