How To Know If You Are Ready For Marriage

August 9, 2016
Getting married is a big commitment and a huge life change. Many people are eager to take this step sooner, rather than later, but are you are sure you’re ready? Remember, marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. That’s what till death do us part means. Sure, the divorce rate has risen in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean we should go in expecting the worse. Here are some key details to consider when thinking about marriage.
Have You Cheated?
If you’ve cheated on your partner, this doesn’t mean that you should never get married. However, if the affair occurred recently, you may want to reconsider getting married right now. Particularly, if you have been unable to tell your partner about this particular act of betrayal. Make sure you are ready to be tied down to one person before you say I do.
Do You Have Similar Life Goals?
It’s amazing how many people get married and then find out that they have completely different life goals. For instance, you may want to travel the world, and your partner might be looking to settle down. Your partner may want kids, and you might always have maintained you don’t want any. People can change their minds, but you should have discussed this before any proposal.


How Long Have You Known Each Other?

You should consider how long you’ve known one another when you start to think about marriage. If you’ve known each other for a few months, you may want to hold off on this commitment.
However, three years is more than enough time to increase your chances of a happy marriage. This infographic shows the factors that make a marriage less likely to succeed.

Infographic Produced By Erlich Legal Office, LLC.

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