How To Calm Down When You’re Stressed Beyond Belief

January 8, 2017

Unique Ways To Relax When Stressed Is The Word Of The Day

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We all have particular times in life when we get overwhelmed by stress. They are unavoidable! Stuff happens and I know this all too well. This past month has stressed me out beyond my wildest imagination. As many may know my mother has been critically ill with Vascular Disease, I traveled to Philadelphia to spend time with her as the medical outlook was grim.

An amputation and a history of Bi-Polar Disease made a bad situation even worse. In the interim of all of this, my grandmother died. Even at that point, I thought I was fine. I was managing. I should say I have minor issues with anxiety. Panic attacks have been an infrequent visitor but it’s in the genes. Every woman in my family has had them



Don’t Panic

Usually, there are triggers where Panic Attacks are concerned but that has never been the case for me, I honestly never know when it will happen. Yesterday I was at the hospital and mom was actually being released to Rehabilitation. It was a good day! As they were unhooking various tubes from her, I don’t know why but..whoop there it was! The heart racing, the¬†shakes, and the threat of fading. I don’t take medication since these events are so rare. I have a method of madness:


A trick I learned after a trip to the Emergency Room many moons ago was counting. Counting is now a form of meditation for me. It is a way to refocus your brain since it is your mind making it happen. Calming down is all about tricking your brain.

One Step At A Time

When panic sets in I have to walk! It makes sense since we usually feel relaxed after working out or sex. It’s those happy chemicals that happen after intense activity. I walk back and forth vigorously like a crazy person. Walking has a great calming effect in addition to being a way to get in shape.

There are also days that just suck and it feels like you're gonna lose itClick To Tweet

There are also days that just suck and it feels like your too stressed and you’re gonna lose it, that’s when you need quick fixes to calm yourself. We have all been there, one crap thing turns into another or that one person getting on your last nerve. You just know if you don’t get some relief your gonna go all spider monkey on somebody.

Close Those Peepers

Take a minute and just close your eyes. There’s something about total darkness that just blocks out all the noise. I think our mind associates it with sleep. It is so effective in clearing the cobwebs and reminding you that moments pass.


There is nothing more calming than the deep cleansing breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Both for the count of five. I do this all through the day, especially at bedtime.


Aromatherapy is real! There are scents that relax us when we are stressed. For each of us it can be different scents. Essential Oils have proven to have a real effect on our well being but I think we all have those smells connected to memories. The smell of the beach really puts me in the zone. I also really respond to Lavender. Keep a candle burning with your favorite scent.



We all have those rituals, things we do that we know relax us whether it’s a glass of wine or in my case coffee! It;s about more than the drink, when we love something it becomes a ritual to us. For me, I love everything about coffee, the smell, the warmth, my special mug sitting outside.


When we are stressed, we tend to get lost in the moment and forget “this too shall pass”. I hope these quick fixes help you when you feel like you might lose your mind. A special thanks to my ONLINE FAMILY. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.



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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother and hope things are calming down for you! My problem is desserts (stressed backwards). I ate brownies out of the pan tonight, which is so not good for me (because I am a sugar and “white food” addict.) I think I should do more with aromatherapy! Thank you!

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