Toxic Relationships: Why You Should Run Like Hell

toxic relationships


 Relationships are hard under normal circumstances. A toxic relationship is draining really just eats away at your soul. When we are in love, everything is sparkly at first. So much so that we often don’t see the signs or even willfully ignore them.
Physical Abuse is obvious and should you be in a physically abusive relationship, RUN LIKE HELL. People think that’s a simple matter. They hit me I’m leaving. Often, it is not that simple. An abuser will twist you up so much you will believe anything. Many have children to consider as well.

 Emotional Abuse

In this article, I am talking about the emotionally toxic relationships. The ones that almost rob you of your will to live. Let me just say this, you can’t change or fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed. It is mostly a case of control, which is born of their own insecurities and if they don’t see that there isn’t much you can do.
 If your partner tries to isolate you from family and friends. If they use anger, guilt, belittling or become overly dependent that can be a sign of toxicity. Everything is about them, you can’t enjoy the good things because you wait for it to turn bad. They don’t support or encourage you it’s time to get out. Emotional abuse can feel worse.
My first marriage was like that until I felt like I merely existed, I knew I was breathing but it wasn’t living at all.
I admit that in my life I’ve known chaos as the norm. So I really didn’t see him coming. In hindsight, I have no regrets because he gave me three beautiful children.
At a point, I wanted to live for real so I knew I had to distance myself from negative forces and that included people. It hurts to do that, especially a family member, but it came down to my own well-being and sanity. You will be amazed by the peace that overcomes you when you decide enough is enough.

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