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I was chatting online the other day in my Facebook Group when the subject of Introverts came up. I am always happy whenever anyone else says they are one. I have gone through my whole life as an Introvert, only I never knew that was what it was.
Upon being called shy by endless people, I eventually came to believe it. Even as a child I was quiet and would rather read a book than play with a bunch of kids. I never mastered connecting with people. Even Teachers convinced my mother that there was something wrong with it.
Later in life as an adult, I was no longer quiet to that extent. I speak my mind. I am not shy at all and if you know me well I will talk a great deal.  However, I like being alone. I also like people but not in large groups and not for long periods of time.
So why are some people Introverted and some Extroverted? In past years it was believed that a person’s environment and life circumstances shaped this behavior. Recently, however, it is known that our brains are actually wired differently. Studies were done that prove Introverts and Extroverts react to Dopamine differently.
So which are you? Not sure? Below is a graphic that should make it clearer.

What Introverts Want You To Know

  • We Are Not Shy
  • We Are Not Anti-Social
  • We Don’t Hate People
  • We Are Not Lonely

I read that you can be an Introvert by percentage. I am not convinced of this, I tend to think either you are or you’re not. Like being almost pregnant. I took a test to find out my personality type and I got 79% Introvert. So I guess it’s a done deal.

Introverts And Dating

If you are in a relationship with an Introvert you have to accept their need to be alone. You have to accept that they don’t do social situations well. Most of all you have to accept that you won’t change them.
 Extroverts and Introverts often are attracted to each other and it makes sense. There is balance in that. Someone who can take you out of yourself when you need it. I always like Extroverts because it took the pressure off me in social situations, in particular, and every now and then I needed the energy around me.

Introverts And Careers

Unsurprisingly, Introverts and jobs can be a tricky mix. It’s the need for quiet and the fact that we are laser-focused. Writing, Blogging and Internet Technology are jobs you will find many of us. Other possible occupations you might want to consider are Truck Driving, Researcher, and Accountant.

There are many famous people who are Introverts that might surprise you

  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Lady GaGa
  • Albert Einstein
  • Elton John
  • Rosa Parks
  • Bill Gates
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Kim Kardashian

So now hopefully you understand Introverts and Extroverts better. We all want to be understood and being different is ok.

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