A Few Truths About Your Shampoo And What You Can Do



Recently my stylist informed me I should be using Sulfate-Free shampoo. At first, I gave the “You’re trying to sell me something face”, but of course I’m all too willing to part with my money so sure!
 But of course, there’s that part of me that has to know WHY!  So I did my research because I have to know stuff {its a good and bad thing} Here’s what I found out:


Sulfates are a chemical, a type of detergent found in Shampoo, Soap, and Toothpaste. It’s inexpensive and a foaming agent. Don’t we all associate lather with being clean? I know I do so that was hard to get used to.
There are two types Sodium Lauryl Sulfate{SLS} and Sodium Laureth Sulfate{SLS}, the latter has been found to contain Dioxane, which is a known Carcinogen.
There have also been studies that show Sulfate gets absorbed by the liver, therefore, mimicking Estrogen which equals hormonal problems.
Aside from that scary fact Sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils and for my hair coloring compadres, it fades your color faster. Many people have dealt with dandruff issues and inflammation of the scalp as well.
So I’ve been using Renpure but I’ve used Loreal Everstrong and Devacurl NoPoo. It’s very easy now to find Sulfate-Free products in your grocery store these days and it does cost a little more but it’s definitely worth it. It’s your best bet for softer, healthier tresses. We put our hair through enough with daily styling and these chemicals can affect your health.

Although many top companies have made strides to use more “Natural Ingredients” in their Haircare products always check the labels. It is time, we start to hold big business accountable and educate ourselves about toxins in our Beauty Products just like we do food.

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Molly Stevens

I have been using sulfate free shampoo for years as my hairdresser is proponent. Had never really researched why so find your information very interesting and valuable. I’m going to stick with my sulfate free shampoo!

Rica@ Yoga Mat Monkey

I see Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate on nearly every bottle of shampoo and even in face washes and other products. I heard that manufacturers use them because they create the nice lather we enjoy while washing. As you said, they are “foaming agents.” I knew they were harmful but I didn’t know why. Thanks for the explanation and product recommendation!


I used to use Head and Shoulders alot. Over the summer, I went shampoo free. First few weeks were weird. Then it was fine. I don’t buy shampoo anymore.


[…] Sulfates are basically what makes the shampoo lather and we associate that with being clean but that is not the truth. These chemicals strip the hair of its oils and actually scrub the color off. […]

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