The Ultimate Guide To Moving For Wanderer’s At Heart



Whether you’re moving across town, to another house/apt or another state it can be soo stressful.
This is something I am definitely a authority on! Since meeting my husband we have moved alot!
New Jersey
New York City
You can count the fact that I lived all over New Jersey as well. So
eight to ten times in ten years, adding Atlanta to the recent list. And no we’re not running from anything! We are the kind of people with the frame of mind that we go where the money or job is, we don’t wait around for things to get desperate. You can also add a dash of wanderlust to that. I lived in the same place for over 15 years, so seeing new places was exciting!
So here is my guide to a smooth move with manageable stress. It’s all in the planning!
I see a lot of people move so last minute that they make themselves crazy. Don’t do it, most times you have plenty of notice, you just don’t do anything until a week before you gotta go.


A few times I have moved without much money and I’ll tell you it’s a misery, you don’t know what can happen.


Wherever it is your moving, go scope out your surroundings, never just go sight unseen, know what your getting into


Throughout most of my moves, it has been for  work. With sites like Indeed and Craigslist, you can apply for jobs before you even leave.


Probably the worst part about moving is packing! Get your boxes right away! Most stores will hold boxes for you and plenty of places sell them. Don’t forget the tape and the newspaper, tho I’ve always packed my dishes and glasses with towels and linens. I know sounds wacko right? It’s much sturdier than paper. Pack a couple of boxes a day, so by the time you leave its load and go.
Enjoy The Ride


Ask for help ahead of time, I’ll be honest people will say they wanna help and then back out last minute. You can advertise for help with online ads, I’ve found people are willing to help for a few extra dollars

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  • Christine Tatum August 14, 2016

    Moving is SO stressful. Glad I haven’t had to do it in 7 years now. Woo-hoo!

    • Heidi August 15, 2016

      It can be however I have it down to science because I have done it ALOT

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