10 things about me

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More About Me Than You Probably Ever Wanted To Know

This year one of my goals for the blog is to share more on a personal level and I have seen many bloggers writing similar posts about themselves and I have really enjoyed them so here is 10 things: the good, bad and downright weird deets on Heidi. Here are ten facts so that you can get to know the person behind the blogging genius.


#1 Crashing Into Mid-Life Screaming Like A Banshee

I am 49, there I said it and it didn’t hurt nor were there lightning bolts. Many people tell me I don’t look it and I have all of their names written down! All I can say is I am really enjoying this time in my life. I have finally reached the point of being exactly who I want to be.


#2 Some Call Me Mom And A Few Call Me Grandma

I don’t talk about my kids much on the blog but I have three kids of my own who are grown adults now and I guess I didn’t do too bad because they aren’t in prison. I have nothing but extreme pride as they are amazing. My oldest is a girl who is 26 and two boys 24 and 18. I have two grown stepsons and three grandchildren. I am very close to the youngest “my princess”. I really enjoy being a grandmother even if the word grandma makes me feel a little old. You can spoil them and send them back at any time!

10 things about me

#3 I Am A Survivor

I have survived Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse. I support these causes a great deal and sadly, statistically, the numbers are staggering. I am a survivor, not a victim because these things happened but they don’t define me. I believe women should be vocal about their experiences as to help all of the upcoming generations and fellow survivors to know they aren’t alone.

#4 Learning Is An Obsession

When I was young and even into my twenties the thought of school could may me throw up a little in my mouth but as soon as my thirties happened and the Internet exploded I couldn’t seem to learn enough. It started with Civil Rights ,when I realized I really knew nothing and was determined to know.

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It didn’t end there because I went on to get certified in Basic IT, Microsoft Office, Social Media Marketing, and Nutrition. Granted being certified is nowhere near a degree but it was never about that. In this I discovered a love for Marketing, now that may surprise you but I find it fascinating.

#5 I Don’t Lie

I know what you’re saying to yourself “mmhmm sure” but it is the truth (pun intended) About ten years ago I made a conscious decision to tell the total truth at all times. This was born out of the lie I felt I was living so I’m not saying I never lied I absolutely did but when I stopped altogether I felt a peace I had never felt before.

#6  She Crazy As Hell

When I’m blogging I am all biz but I am a little crazy. I come by it honestly and truthfully I would rather laugh than almost anything in the world. I am very random and outside the box in thinking and this can leave many shaking their heads with a WTF look on their face.

#7 79% Introverted

I am a total Introvert. It should come as no surprise that I would choose a career online. I am not shy at all, as a matter of fact, If I have something to say to you I will not hold back in the slightest, just ask the bloggers I have made private message with me. That being said I enjoy being alone, social situations are difficult for me. If you are having a party I will go out of my way to avoid it. If it is business related I have no issues. I only like people in short bursts and I hate talking on the phone.

#8 Total Recall

I have this really strange ability to remember things. If you tell me things odds are I won’t forget even a month later. I can see a grouping of up to 20 numbers and remember them forever yet Math has always been my biggest obstacle, no matter how many times you try to explain say fractions even, I don’t get it.

#9 The Culture Of It All

I have a multi-race, multi-cultured family. My stepmother is Black, my husband is Black, my grandchildren are Mexican and Black. It has given me an up-close perspective on culture and the state of racism in our country and I am very loud about my opinions.

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#10 Sarcasm Is My Genetic Flaw

Every family member I have is sarcastic so it was inevitable that I would be too. Sure, it has gotten me in trouble more than once because I am not as filtered as I should be. I like to think now that I have learned that there are a time and place and who you can and cannot let that demon free with.

My Obsessions

There are a few things I totally love and some might call them obsessions. Boots, Coffee, and Sunglasses. I drink coffee around the clock and pretty much the reason I can’t leave my body to science. I own at least 15 pairs of boots and sunglasses. I buy lipgloss in every store I go to.

Pet Peeves

Well, let me keep this list short. I hate liars and mean people. Boots with shorts and white clothes and shoes. I can’t tolerate people asking me questions before coffee. As a matter of fact, you’d be better off not talking to me till I feel it in my veins. Injustice, of any kind, actually hurts me.

So now you know  10 more things about me. Tell me some things I don’t know about you!


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