2017 Fashion Trends: Amazing Ways To Embrace The Androgynous Style

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From Girly-Girl to Tom-Boy: How To Embrace Androgynous Elements In Your Style

How To Get The Androgynous Style

The Androgynous Style is so on trend right now, but it can be a daunting style to break into. Whether you want to try your hand at full tomboy, or just add elements of the suavest style known to man (and woman) into your personal sense of style, the key is embracing styles and fabrics that you love. There is no right or wrong way to bring androgyny into your wardrobe, but it can look amazingly cool, edgy, and beautiful when you rock it like you mean it.


Try A Longer Coat

If you want to blur the lines of style and get super warm and cozy in the process, try a longer coat. It can elongate the body and helps to hide womanly hips and thighs. Aim for a coat that comes just below the knee, and experiments with fabrics and patterns to find one which works for you. A more blazer style coat looks best in these circumstances, as the tailored element gives structure and purpose to the style.


How To Get The Androgynous Style


Experiment With Fabrics

Nothing says androgyny like a good Tweed, that’s for sure. But there are plenty of different fabrics and patterns which will offer different effects, hide different parts of your body, and look darn sharp. Jackets with vertical stripes, for example, will help to elongate the body, and take attention away from any curves you might have, leaving the illusion of a more boyish figure. The combinations of different fabrics and styles, especially used in tailored suits and with brogues, can make an interesting effect which looks completely unique and really sharp.

How To Get The Androgynous Style

Get A Killer Haircut

The haircut you choose may depend a little bit on how you style yourself on a day by day basis. Do you prefer to look more feminine some days, and more androgynous others? Or is the androgynous look completely you? Choosing a style which is flexible between the two can be tricky, but a cute pixie cut is almost certainly the way to go. It’s a style you can make more masculine or feminine just by styling it, and your clothes are really what would complete that look.

How To Get The Androgynous Style


If you are embracing the androgynous style all the time, a shorter haircut wouldn’t go amiss. You don’t even have to fork out for an expensive stylist consultation – modern technology is on your side. According to hairclippercenter.net, the Flowbee haircutting system is the way forward. All it takes is a domestic vacuum cleaner, and the clippers can give you a professional, short haircut, with no faff and no mess. Perfect for cute, androgynous styles.

How To Get The Androgynous Style

Play The Hat Game

When you bring your hat game the A game, you’re playing the androgynous look perfectly. A wide-brimmed hat brings interest to your head without the use of makeup or fancy hair styling, if you don’t want to. Stick to grays and blacks for a really cute look which will work with almost anything.


Express Femininity However You Like

There is no right or wrong way to express femininity in an androgynous style if that’s what you want to do. An elegant suit can look stunning with high heels and a bright lip, or it can look amazing without. Play around with it, wear red lippy if you want, wear false lashes if that’s what you fancy, or wear none of them if you’d prefer not to. The beauty of the androgynous style is that you can make it as masculine or feminine as you like.

How To Get The Androgynous Style

Invest In Some Cute Bow Ties

Cute necklaces aren’t often seen in the androgynous style, but ties and bow ties are the perfect replacements. They’re flexible and fun and come in such a range of styles, colors, and patterns that it can soon become a bit of an addiction. Go all out with a bright bow-tie to make a statement. If you’d prefer something more subtle, try a suit and shirt with a tie tucked between buttons so just a short length of it can be seen. It’s a great way to add color and interest to an outfit, without going all out or looking too much like a server at a restaurant, which is also the risk.


How To Get The Androgynous Style


Find A Great Tailor

All these stylish suits and great coats, pants, and shirts can be expensive to buy. The great thing about the styles is that they’re timeless, so vintage and thrift stores are teeming with them. Once you’ve chosen a few pieces, find yourself a great tailor to get the look perfect. It’s still cheaper than buying them brand new, and you’ll end up looking sharper too. The whole androgynous look relies to some extent on well-fitting suits and shirts, but this can be trickier for curvier ladies who might be shopping in the men’s sections of stores. A good tailor will be able to make men’s pants or shirts suit you like they were made for your body.

How To Get The Androgynous Style

Enjoy All The Pockets

Have you ever noticed that women’s fashion designers seem to think women have no need for pockets? Well, when you embrace androgynous style elements in your style, you open yourself up to the world of pockets – you lucky thing. Make the most of them, ditch the handbag, and fill your pockets instead. Clothes with lots of pockets add an androgynous element to a style anyway. Make sure you’ve got yourself a handkerchief or pocket square to add a cute bit of color to your look.


Bring The Shoe Game Your A Game

From brogues to Doc Martens, the androgynous-styled shoes are enough to make you a little bit tearful. They’re always beautiful, well made, and long-lasting. Check out vintage stores and thrift shops to get these (usually expensive) shoes at a reasonable price, and enjoy the look. If you’re going for a more laid-back style, be sure to throw on some Converse for a cute and comfy look.

How To Get The Androgynous Style

The Androgynous Style is so on trend right now, and it’s great fun to experiment with masculine and feminine styles together. There’s no correct way to do it, so just have fun expressing yourself and trying new looks.

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Cole Nemeth

Such a cute style! I wish I could wear hats, but my head is weird.


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