3 Great Reasons To Say Yes To A Second Date!




3-great-reasonstosay-yes-to-a-seconddateHow To Know If You Should Say Yes To A Second Date

Nerves, awkward silences and embarrassing moments are all common traits of a first go at it. But they can also be filled with unrealistic expectations. Some people want to experience love at first sight and have a first date filled with passion and romance.

When it doesn’t turn out as they had hoped, this can put them off from organizing the second date. While some first trysts can be a total disaster, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily give up right away. Often a second date is more relaxed and allows you to see more of what a person is truly like. So if you’re unsure whether a second date would be a good idea, here are three reasons that might convince you otherwise.

3 Great Reasons To Give It Another Shot



You Have A Lot In Common


When you have a lot in common with someone, they are instantly more attractive and easier to talk to. Maybe you grew up in the same time or have some mutual friends. Your love interest might enjoy travel or music as much as you do, which can create a wealth of potential conversations and possible date ideas. If you’re still not convinced, there are other things you can do to check your compatibility with someone.

You can read a libra love horoscope to see if your star signs are a good match together. Another option is to look at their social media pages. This can give you further insight into their lifestyle and background. Just try not to look at these sites too obsessively as this can be a big turn off for your date.


Your Date Is Eager To See You Again



If said person has expressed wanting a second date, this shows that they want to get to know you more. Perhaps he sent you a message after your date or mentioned to one of your friends about wanting to see you again. This can make you feel on top of the world while also making you less likely to be rejected.



However, there is an exception. If they incessantly calls and messages you about meeting up again, this can be very off-putting. It can also be an indicator of what they might be like when you’re in a relationship with them. Ask them to give you some space and block their number if it gets too much.


Your Date Showed A Lot Of Interest In You


Someone who talks about themselves constantly can make you want to run for the hills. But if the person showed genuine interest in you during your first date, this should entice you to want to meet up again. It feels amazing when someone listens and is interested in your thoughts and opinions.

This can make you feel at ease and more comfortable when in their presence. Naturally, you should return the favour and ask them questions about themselves. But, there is a downside. If they asked too many questions or wanted to know inappropriate details, this could be a sign not to organize a second date.


If you’ve changed your mind and want to have another date, why not plan something that encourages plenty of interaction. That way you can definitively know whether you are compatible or not.


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