3 Health Issues That Could Prove Fatal For Your Relationship

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How Your Health Issues Can Affect Your Love Life

We all like to think our partner will stand by us when we have health issues, don’t we? They are, after all, the person we rely on most. They are our rocks, and it’s reasonable to expect that they will stay strong while we’re unwell. For the most part, they do. If you have a cold, your man will be the one who runs to the shop to stock up on medicine. But, a reality few of us like to face is that some health problems can stand between the person we love and us. We’re going to look at a few of the main health issues that could cause a divide in your relationship.


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It’s obvious why bad teeth would cause relationship issues. Not only are they horrible to look at, but they can lead to bad breath. Your man isn’t going to want to kiss you if your mouth smells like a sewer. And, not kissing can cause relationship problems of its own. That is, after all, how we develop intimacy. Your man could start seeking affection from someone with a mouth that smells fresh as daisies. If you’re suffering from bad mouth blues, take action.

The good news is, there’s plenty you can do. Visit a dentist to see if there’s an underlying problem. They’ll either treat the issue or tell you how to improve things yourself. It’s important to go back every six months to check everything is still hunky dory. Prevention is better than cure. It’s also important to get on top of dental hygiene. Brushing at least twice a day is non-negotiable. If the problem persists, it may even be worth buying some fresh breath spray!



Do you ask your man to repeat himself every time he speaks to you? Are you convinced his mumbling is the problem, even though everyone else hears him fine? You might be suffering from hearing loss. There are many reasons for this, and it’s important to visit your local hearing doctor to discover the cause.

While your man may be sympathetic to a degree, it’s frustrating having to repeat yourself all the time. You may find that he stops engaging in conversation with you. And, if you stop talking, it can be a slippery slope. Or, you may get into the habit of nodding and smiling when you don’t hear. It doesn’t make for very engaging conversation! Ignoring it can cause further health issues.


Few health issues take their toll on a relationship so much as a mental one. Depression can be particularly devastating, as it causes the sufferer to withdraw. Even from their lover. You need to get help, as much for yourself as for your relationship. But, there’s no easy fix here. The best way to keep your relationship strong during your struggle is to communicate. Explain to your partner how you feel before you accuse him of not understanding. If you want some distance, explain that, too. Talking will help him learn how to love you through your illness.

These health issues can really take their toll on couples especially if you don’t include your partner. Seek help and open the lines of communication, you’ll be glad you did.

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