breakupReasons You Might Be Headed For A Breakup

Relationships naturally have peaks and troughs. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, they are hard and take work and dedication. But how do you know when it’s just a low point, or whether the relationship has naturally come to breakup? It can be a tricky one.


People can often stay together for the wrong reasons too, breaking up can be messy when you have kids, pets, intertwined finances, money tied up in vehicles and property together. Even when things are bad, you might put off breaking up because of this. Whether you choose to stay or go, make sure you have valid reasons. With that in mind, here are a few signs that you might need to break things off.


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There’s Any Kind of Abuse

Physical abuse is easy to spot. Punching and kicking, pushing, strangling. It’s painful and humiliating. However, there are other forms of abuse that you might not recognize easily. Trying to drive you away from family and friends, or humiliating you in front of people (even supposedly in good humor) are forms of emotional abuse. Controlling you financially, not allowing you to spend your own money or taking your wages from you are forms of financial abuse.


Some women don’t even realize that sexual abuse has taken place- you can still be raped even if you are in a marriage or relationship. No always means no, just because that’s your partner makes no difference. Any kind of abuse shows that your partner has no respect for you, and is hurting you in ways that might not become obvious until later down the line. Listen to friends who show concern, and if you believe this is happening to you, you should break it off.


You Have Serious Thoughts About Cheating

Let’s face it, everyone can get wandering eyes from time to time. Whether it’s checking out a good looking guy at work to lusting over the person, you saw in Starbucks this morning. It’s completely natural and something that everyone does at one time or another. However, the problem is when these thoughts go further. Rather than a casual daydream, they’re something you’re seriously thinking of acting on (or maybe you already have).


If you’ve chosen to cheat in a relationship, it means that you’re unfulfilled in some way. Perfectly happy couples don’t generally cheat on each other, so it’s a sign that something isn’t right. Cheating can sometimes be a blip, couples can have marriage problems but talk it out and find ways to move past it. But it’s a sure sign you and your partner at least need to have a conversation.




You Don’t Want The Same Things

Every person in the world is an individual, we’re never going to find someone whose thoughts and views match up exactly with ours. However, there are a few important things that when you’re in a couple really do need to match up. How do you both feel about kids, marriage, the future? Do you both want to live in different places? What kinds of sacrifices are you prepared to make for career? If you have very different views on things, it might be a sign that things aren’t going to work out.


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