3 Skincare Mistakes To Avoid For Glowing, Luscious Skin


3 Skincare Mistakes To Be Aware Of

Women spend a lot of time thinking about the health of their skin. Although it may seem superficial and only “skin deep,” the health of our skin tells us a lot about the health of our bodies overall. Often it’s possible to deduce problems we are having with our digestive or cardiovascular health, just from the appearance of our skin. On other words, what you can see on the outside is a clear indication of what’s going on on the inside. There are three things to avoid for luscious skin.Unhealthy skin looks drab and dull. Healthy skin looks vibrant and alive, creating an impact wherever you go. So how can you get healthy skin?

Skincare Mistake #1: Avoid Smoking At All Costs

3 skincare mistakes to avoid

The number one reason people’s skin can end up looking bad and damaged is because they smoke. Smoking destroys the skin in a number of ways. Firstly, people who smoke all the time expose themselves to a lot of smoke. This smoke can then come directly into contact with the skin and cause it to become yellowed, thanks to all the dangerous reactive chemicals. Once the skin is damaged on the surface, it then becomes more turgid and less supple, causing it to sag and wrinkle over time.


Secondly, smoking destroys the cardiovascular system, the essential nutrient transportations system that feeds the skin with the raw materials it needs to stay healthy. Smoking actually harms the walls of your arteries, potentially blocking off the supply of blood to some areas of your body. It can also cause tiny blood vessels called capillaries near the surface to be destroyed, leaving ugly scarring that can’t be removed.

Skincare Mistake #2: Naturally Remove Spots And Blemishes

3 skincare mistakes to avoid

The primary cause of acne in young girls is dairy products – although the dairy industry is doing its best to convince everybody otherwise. And so if you find yourself regularly experiencing bouts of acne, it might be a good idea to remove dairy from your diet and replace it with a substitute, like soy, rice milk or oat milk. There is practically no incidence of acne among young people in cultures where dairy is not consumed after weaning (for instance, in rural China), whereas over 90 percent of young people in western countries get some form of acne during puberty.

Skin tags are another common problem in wealthy countries, often attributed to diet. Here’s how to remove skin tags naturally. Although skin tags can look scary, it’s worth noting that they are not actually cancerous and are almost always safe.

Skincare Mistake #3:  Sun Exposure

The sun is good for your overall health, elevating your mood and providing you with a source of vitamin D. But it’s actually really bad for your skin health. We all know that sun exposure is linked to melanoma – skin cancer – but sun exposure is also responsible for premature skin aging, a condition where the DNA in the skin is damaged so much it can no longer repair itself effectively. The official advice is to supplement with vitamin D and wear factor 30+ sunscreen to prevent skin damage whenever you go outside.
I hope you will avoid these skincare mistakes to have the healthiest glow possible.

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