Stop, Collaborate And Listen: 3 Ways To Live A Well Balanced Life


well-balanced lifeHow To Live A Well-Balanced Life


Human beings have spent centuries trying to find the meaning of life.  This includes trying to work out how to be the perfect well-balanced person.  The funny thing is that life means so many things to so many people, so the idea there is one particular meaning or one particular way of being is flawed.  Everyone perceives circumstances differently.

 Some choose to dedicate their lives to love, others desire to build a better financial future for the generations we leave behind.  Regardless of your own personal quest, there are three key things you should do in your life, to ensure you reach the end feeling like you have lived a life well.  


Firstly we need to consider our habits.  Some are quirky imperfections which are fundamentally human.  The way we eat, the rituals we follow, humor or our shyness may all be a little annoying to others but, they will be adored by some.  These things make up your personality and play a positive part in the lives of others and within our relationships.  The habits we ought to consider are the ones that have a negative impact on our health or the lives of our families and our loved ones.  These are the ones we need to stop.


Bad habits which affect our health are the first we should address.  Not only are we reducing the years we will live and lowering the quality of life we have, we are also putting our families through worry and fear that we may become ill.  Smoking is a terrible habit which can lead to heart failure, heart disease, and lung cancer, as well as a plethora of other terrible diseases.  No matter how hard you deny it to yourself, you will have noticed differences between you and those who don’t smoke.  Fitness levels will be depleted and then there is the matter of that awful smell! There are ways of kicking the habit but one of the newest is switching your cigarette to a vaporizer.

 Check out this Firefly 2 Vape Review and get to know how you could ditch the traditional cigarette for this habit which will help reduce your risk of disease.  We have lots of research to do into the effects of vaping however it has helped thousands of people ditch the cigarettes and reduce the nicotine they inhale.  You can also reduce the nicotine levels in your vape juice which can help you to quit gradually.  


well-balanced life


Nex,t we need to spend more time working together.  Collaborating with our neighbors, colleagues or family is something we should learn from the very dawn of time.  We need a pack around us and if we focus on our self and the small things we do each day, then we may not make a huge impact on the world.  Having a group of people around you will help you recover when there is a disaster.

 It is also important to have a close network in your local area, especially when you have children.  Those of us who chose to live a more singular life are actually reducing our life expectancy, so getting involved with a group of people could buy you a well-balanced life on this planet.  We can also make a greater impact on the health of our planet by working together.  If we focus on reducing the amount of waste we produce or get together to make our neighborhoods a little more eco-friendly, we will have much more impact on the future of our planet, by working on our own.  


Finally, we need to listen more.  We are all guilty of switching off at times or focussing on our own worries and sometimes we miss when other people are struggling and asking for our help.  Taking the time to listen will not only improve the lives of those around us, but it will also help us become more aware of ourselves and have a more well-balanced life.

 This can lead to a more balanced life and easier relationships with those we meet.  Listening to others means you are caring, but you also need to listen to yourself.  Trust your instincts, and know when to believe in yourself.  You will be really surprised at how the heart and the head can be in conflict yet there is a tiny voice calmly telling you the right way.  
There are no answers, there is no guidebook, so just stick to the famous words of Vanilla Ice.  Stop.  Collaborate.  Listen.  You can’t go wrong if you are focussed on those three things to get a well-balanced life.  

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