4 Bizarre Ways To Lose Weight And Be Healthy



Try Something Different To Lose Weight!


Like countless other people, you may be striving to lose weight, but finding that all the conventional methods aren’t yielding the results you want. I’m not about to offer some zany miracle cure that’s supposed to turn you into a supermodel overnight. However, there are a few, less conventional habits which can really help with losing weight and keeping it off. Here are four you should consider.


Sniff an Apple, Banana, or Peppermint


I told you they would be bizarre! You may look a little silly, but this practice really works! A study conducted in Chicago involving 3,000 volunteers found that the more frequently people sniffed these three things, the less hungry they were overall, and the more weight they lost.



Obviously, everyone’s body and metabolic rate is different, but these volunteers ended up losing an average of 30 pounds each! While there’s still research being done into this phenomenon, the simple theory is that sniffing these foods tricks the brain into thinking that you’ve actually digested them.

Get Stoned

Whatever your prior experience is with marijuana, the gradual legalization lobby we’ve seen over the past decade is pretty hard to ignore. From shaky beginnings, cannabis is now being prescribed for a wide range of medical conditions and applications. One of the many uses that being explored is potential cannabis weight loss properties.

One recent study found that people who regularly consume cannabis had significantly lower insulin levels prior to eating. They also had significantly lower insulin resistance levels, and smaller waist circumferences on average. While the debate is still raging, and work still needs to be done to reach firm conclusions, cannabis certainly works for some people as a weight loss medicine.



Light Vanilla-Scented Candles When You Want to Stop Eating

You may have days where you eat a wonderful, nutritious dinner, feel thoroughly satisfied, and then tell yourself that it’s the last thing you’ll eat until bed. Then, the craving for something a little sweeter and more fattening springs up and gets bigger and bigger until you finally cave.

If you want to avoid slip-ups like this but you’re finding it hard, then get some vanilla-scented candles and start lighting them after dinner. The sweet aroma of vanilla has been found to repress cravings for dessert. A study with 160 volunteers found that they lost an average of four and a half pounds!


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Get more Blue in Your House

Think of all the fast food joints in your local area. They don’t use a lot of blue in their décor, do they? There’s a reason for that – the color blue works as an appetite suppressant! It may be hard to believe, but experiments have shown that people eat 33% less when they’re surrounded by blue.

Apparently, the blue light that reflects off of the décor makes food look less appealing. Use a blue tablecloth, blue napkins, and get some blue art for wherever it is you eat. You should also cut out the amount of red and yellow (sound familiar?) as these have been found to encourage appetite.

To lose weight sometimes we have to take the road less traveled and try something different!

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Divya @ Eat Teach Blog

Interesting!! I’m going to try that peppermint trick! I always carry a bottle of peppermint oil with me. Maybe I’ll diffuse some in my classroom!


Haha I need to try this, I have an everlasting battle with food!

Sonia Lobo @ atkinsdietphase1.strikingly.com

Wow. I have to say that I’m amazed with this post, specially the part which you talked about the cannabis weight loss properties. I didn’t know cannabis worked as a weight loss medicine.

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