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If you are a professional or even an aspiring blogger, your blog is most definitely one of your most prized possessions and just like any other prized possession, you need to keep it secure.


In fact, if you have managed to monetize it, the need to ensure safety is even greater. Also, there is the question of keeping your private information safe from prying eyes. Check the following list and make sure that you are not missing out on any of the simple but essential steps to protect your blog.


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Quality Hosting Services

It’s only natural to choose a cheap hosting service while starting out, with the mindset that you will upgrade once your blog becomes popular enough. Unfortunately, what most early bloggers fail to realize is the fact that while they can in most cases upgrade their service plans in the future, changing the hosting service provider itself isn’t possible without losing a large chunk of everything that you have built so far. What this means is that you need to choose a renowned and secure hosting provider with zero to negligible downtime.



Back It All Up

Cloud storage is by far the most reliable way to back it all up, but local storage is handy and essential for offline work. If you forgot to upload the necessary data on the cloud and your hard disk crashed or you accidentally deleted something important, Secure Data Recovery Services will be able to help you recover everything you need to.


Nevertheless, you should take extra care to back up everything important, both locally and on the cloud for emergency situations such as getting hacked or a hard disk failure.


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Make Use of the Available Security Tools

Hacking attacks can be both random and specific, depending on the type of attack and the blog in question. In fact, if you think that your blog is too insignificant to be targeted, you are wrong. As long as your blog is online, it can be subject to hacking attacks, irrespective of its popularity.


Of course, as it gains more popularity, it will also attract far more negative attention to it as well, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be extra careful right from the start. Every platform has multiple tools and plugins that are designed to protect your blog against such threats and you should most definitely make use of them.



Sensitive Information and Copyright Content

Never give out sensitive info like addresses and personal phone numbers, and be extra careful with your pictures and videos. Not only do you want to avoid putting up anything sensitive or too personal in general, you should also be extra careful with copyright content. Copyright infringements can cost you a lot of money or may even shut down your blog, or at least get it blacklisted on Google and other search engines.

Ignore anyone who says that you don’t have to be so paranoid right from the outset because they have no idea what they are talking about. Granted, you don’t need to go to level 10 with everything right away, but you need to start with the protection right from the first day because hacking attacks, hard disk crashes, or any other disruptive incidents usually do not happen with a prior notice.

Is your blog safe? You work hard and should take your blog security seriously, I hope these tips help.

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