4 Things To Do Before You Reach The Big 30!



4 Things To Do Before The Big 30!

Reaching the birthday age of 30 is a pretty big deal. It’s a time of celebration and fun. College may be over and you could just be taking your first steps onto the career ladder. But at this time, it’s also a great idea to think about some of the goals you’d like to achieve by the time you reach the Big 30.

This creates a little bit of focus amidst all the fun you’ll be having along the way! Sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone opens doors you never even knew were there. And sometimes taking a leap of faith and doing what you want to do, just for you, instils a sense of confidence and power into you. This is not an extensive list but just a few things I think it would be great to tick off by the time you hit 30. It’s great to have a few goals in mind, that are quite possible to achieve.

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Buy A House


In this day and age, it’s no easy feat to get your foot on the property ladder. But if you keep ploughing away, secure a good salary and keep savings aside each month, before you hit 30 you should be able to buy your own property. It may be that you have always dreamed of owning a house in southern France or perhaps a bolthole in London.

You may dream of a country retreat or an urban living space. Keep those dreams alive by creating an inspiration board of the type of home you want to buy. Search websites for the type of property you want to buy so you can get an idea of figures and facts. Learn more from Taylors if you want to buy in a city in England.

Research buying property abroad if you want a transatlantic change. It’s a big investment, but don’t let anyone put you off your goal. Buying a property is a great investment for the future. And it also allows you to put your own stamp on your home. Be brave, take the leap and see where it takes you!


Land Your Dream Job


We all know it’s not easy to land your dream job. Maybe you always wanted to work for Vogue, but you ended up in administration. Or perhaps you dreamed of working with animals, but you took a different job to pay the bills. Before you hit 30 think about the dreams you had when you were younger.

Lots of people retrain or make a career move at this stage in life. It may not be easy, but if you believe in yourself and your talents, there is no reason that you can’t take steps towards your dream job. We spend so much of our lives working; it’s worth finding something we enjoy too. Think about the people you know that may be able to help you.

If you love photography, do you know anyone in the business? If you want to work in theatre, do you have any contacts that might be able to help you? Perhaps you may want to flee the country and become a teacher or a tour guide for a while? Or maybe you want to go on an archaeological dig?

Think about what truly inspires you, and see if you can incorporate that into your working life. If funds allow, it may be possible to take on an internship that can lead to a full-time role. Or if you have always wanted to start your own business. Why not research what it takes, and make it work for you?

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you should become complacent. There is a world of opportunities out there just waiting for you to grasp. Just look to Iris Apfel and Betty White for inspiration. They are nearly triple your age but show no signs of slowing down!

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Travel The World

Have you always wanted to see the world but never felt the opportunity arose? And we’re not talking a two week holiday once a year! That doesn’t count. Travelling the world opens up your eyes to so many new possibilities. Hit the beaches of Australia and learn to surf.

Teach English in Cambodia or apply for a job in Hong Kong. Move to London for a while and work in hospitality. Or apply for a trainee sommelier job and spend a year in France. There are so many ways you can travel the world and fund it as you go. All it takes a little imagination, inspiration and research. If you don’t need the funds, and you can afford a year round the world trip, then jump on it now. Travelling increases your mental well-being.

It creates solid new friendships and teaches you to appreciate different cultures and religions. It’s possibly the biggest eye-opener on life you can experience. Challenge yourself with jungle safaris in Chang Mai, building schools in Namibia or climbing ice glaciers in New Zealand or Alaska. By the time you hit 30 you want to have seen at least half of the world, so make it happen!

Forgive And Forget

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As we traverse through life, we may have lost friendships or communication with our relatives or our parents may have broken down. By the time you get to 30 learn to forgive and forget. Even if someone hasn’t been a great person to you, the tensions and stress you will release when you forgive will be a huge weight off your shoulders. It doesn’t mean you have to forge a new relationship with these people but just learn to let go of any anger you have inside.

If you do want to recreate a relationship with the person you have fallen out with, then start to make steps towards doing that. Life is short and time flies by so quickly. If you need to say sorry for something, say it now. Practising forgiveness is beneficial for your mental well-being. If someone has done ill to you, let it go and silently say a prayer, hoping they will one day be a happier person themselves

. For your own well-being, try and be a kind and thoughtful person. Focus on the positives in life and let go of any negative baggage and people. They are not worth the effort. By the time you are 30, make peace with the world and jump on every wonderful opportunity that comes your way!

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Ravi Chahar

Hey Heidi,

Every person has a dream to travel the world and having a job which can make him/her happy.

But there are a few people who fulfill their dreams. The age of 30 can be a big number but only if you think it.

Otherwise, the famous quote “age is just a number” is considered as the best one to focus on.

Glad to know about that someone is still chasing the dreams.
Thanks for making me remember.

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