5-easy-habitsthat-will-makeyour-relationship-1How To Make Love Sizzle Again

If you read my blog you know I talk alot about how to bring sexy back. A few months ago I posted about the different Sexual Lifestyles. Maybe that’s not for you so I wanted to talk about easy ways to tweak your daily habits that can change the Intimacy in your relationship dramatically.



Sex And Intimacy

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Marriage or Long-term relationships are where sex goes to die!”. That may be exaggerating a bit but in every committed relationship, there will be a sex rut at some point. Some will question why and think perhaps they don’t feel that person like they once did.


It can be confusing because you still feel attracted, you still feel love. It is because of life. We have so much going on that Intimacy and sex tend to drift farther and farther down the list of priorities. You connect your partner to all of the stressful, mundane things of everyday life.


Just do it! Have you heard this? You tell someone you and your partner aren’t having sex and they tell you to just do it. It isn’t that simple. We need to feel wanted, we need the sexual tension. That is what makes it so exciting in the beginning. It is also a common reason people stray. When we have been a couple awhile we need to be more creative and adventurous.

Relationships take daily nurturing and with these simple habits you can turn things around in no time.

Sleep Naked


Less than 12% sleep naked. There was a time I wouldn’t have given this much thought. For me, often it was just habited to throw the t-shirt on. My excuse was I didn’t  want everything flopping around or I was cold. You would be amazed how much this small thing can rev up intimacy.

The best reason to do it is nothing feels better than the skin on skin contact. It actually increases the love hormones that make you want to have sex. If you need more reason to get back to basics check out these benefits:

  • Regulates Cortisol
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Prevents Skin Infection
  • Normalizes Body Temperature
  • Aids Anti-aging
  • Increases Sperm Production
  • Prevents Yeast Infection
  • Aids Weight Loss


Be Someone Else

Trying new things is essential. A really fun way to add a little adventure is Role Playing. Who doesn’t have an office fantasy? No? Well, there are lots of options. Be the other Man or Woman. Have an affair with your spouse. Pick an alter ego and plan a clandestine meeting where you are the actors. I love the idea of being someone else for a night.




Public Naughtiness

Location! Location! Location! If your sex life is getting routine expressing yourself or even getting busy in a public place can definitely heat things up. Don’t get arrested or anything but the fun is the risk of exposure. It doesn’t always have to be the main event either. Touching under the table or making out in an Elevator works just as well. I think we all have one of these stories. The point is being intimate and making it fun whenever you can.



What has happened to flirting? It seems like this is the first thing we stop doing in a long term relationship. I really think flirting, in general, has been lost somewhere. That makes me sad that we have become so guarded. It can fun and harmless. It can be that special way you look at them (like a tasty treat) or a text in the middle of the day. It doesn’t even have to be thought out. Try sending out a text that says “I Want You”. You will be amazed at the response you get.

Lingerie and costumes once in a while can add something extra. Women tend to feel sexier when they are wearing it. Honestly, I think men just want to see us naked.




Touch And Kiss More

You wouldn’t think this would become an issue, would you? Couples don’t touch or kiss often enough. The Chinese believe you need 10 hugs a day to be emotionally healthy. They aren’t so far off, think about how you feel when you’re touched it warms you from the inside out and makes you feel connected to the toucher.

These are easy ideas to add to your daily life that will start reigniting the connection with your partner and start having more sex. Things we know but think we are too busy. You have to think of it as the foundation. Without it, everything falls apart.


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