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5 Fun Ways To Energize Your Love Life (you didn’t know about)


love life

How To Energize Your Love Life

Are you sick of Online Dating? I have been there! I tried it and they seem great until you meet them and you’re like “Can’t imagine why you’re still single”. (fingers crossed so my nose doesn’t grow). It’s kind of a free for all, like ordering from Ebay.(it looks good at first and then boom it arrives)


love life


Is Your Love Life In A Rut?


I did it for awhile and lucked out and met my husband, yes that’s how I met my dream online dating. Before that, there were so many misses I was ready to give up. Mostly, it was people lying about themselves which is really easy to do online.

I thought recently there must be a way to help single people meet others without going through all that and voila I stumbled onto a few really great ideas. Some are events you can find in your area or even host yourself.


love life

Friend Swap

I actually saw this years ago on TV and it seemed brilliant to get to know people and liven up your love life to me. You throw a party where you invite a set amount of people and each person has to bring a friend or someone they know.



Of course, all of the people are single and you have the benefit of some back info.

Telling all parties that it is a singles event would be a really good idea. I also suggest keeping the alcohol to  a minimum. Nothing says bad decisions like too much to drink. What is great about this is low-pressure. You can get to know people in a relaxed atmosphere.


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Speed Dating


There are so many local events for Speed Dating and to be honest it seems fun.How it works is you have 3 to 5-minute dates with about 20 people. There are usually rules in place such as not arranging dates or asking for numbers. At the end of the night you write down who you are interested in and the host will make arrangements for your choices to get in touch with you.

In some cases, the questions will be pre-arranged  and there will be off limit topics.

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Pheromone Parties

Umm, I don’t know how I feel about this one but here goes. At a Pheromone Party, you have to sleep in a t-shirt for 3 days, put it in a plastic bag and bring to the party.



The bags will be labeled and put on a table. Everyone gets to take a whiff.

If you are attracted to the scent, you take a selfie with the bag and it gets projected on the wall so that people can see who picked their bag. This is the green light to mingle with each other. I can see where this is a fun idea unless you’re stinky (oh come on, it had to be said)


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Join Or Start Groups


As a blogger, I am very familiar with Facebook Groups and there are thousands. It is a fun way to connect with other people and yes I get that this is online but it bears mentioning. There is a group for really anything you are interested in.

Let’s face it lots of people are looking to improve their love life. While I am on the subject if you are a Blogger check out my group Crazy4blogging (yes I have no shame)


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Events are a great way to meet people. Things like Cooking Classes and Food Tastings are events that attract men and women. Sites like Meetup and Foursquare are great for keeping you informed about events you are interested in. These are all my own ideas and I did not receive payment from any.

I hope this gave you some new ideas to rev up your dating life and meet new, interesting people. Throw your own singles parties or attend events in your area. The options are endless.  Let me know if you try any!




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Practical, no-nonsense advice 🙂

Aish Padihari

Me and my hubby love to cook together and travel together. Other than that, we have very different interests. But only those two common interests are enough for us to bond and stay bonded.
Lovely article as usual, Heidi!


Enjoyed reading , some new ‘input’ .. LOL . Honestly, I am happy not to be in that situation , it must be horrible to plan all these things strategically. Wuaah , would you really want to sniff anybody’s stinky sleepshirt ? 🙂 But , whatever suits people , the ‘outcome’ matters . Who knows


Pheromone party? I want to try!


Pheremone parties sound a bit creepy lol! I’ve heard of the friend swap parties too. I think that’s a cool idea.

Mary Barham

love this! thank you for sharing

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