wedding tasks5 Wedding Tasks To Hire Out

Wedding Tasks are anything but relaxing for the bride. After months of planning, designing, shopping, and stressing, the big day finally arrives. But even then, the bride can’t sit back and be complacent. She can, but she chooses not to. And who can blame her? After all that labor and creative input, how could she possibly let go of the reins at the eleventh hour? The trouble is, she has to. Now she has to put her trust in the rest of the wedding party and the people she has hired for the big day. No wonder so many brides have sleepless nights!

The Flowers

It’s rare for the bride to pick up the flowers on the morning of her big day. After all, she has her hair and makeup to do, and she’ll need help getting into her dress. Instead, the bouquets should be delivered directly to the bride by the florist. Sometimes a wedding planner or bridesmaid will take the floral decorations and centerpieces to the venue. You might have to pay extra but why not have the florist decorate your reception room for you?


wedding tasks


The Rings

Traditionally it is the Best Man that holds onto the pair of wedding rings. He then presents them to the groom or the flower girl at the ceremony. Of course, we’ve all heard the horror stories of the Best Man that loses the rings! Putting your trust as the bride into someone you might hardly know is tough too! If you’ve bought something special like the Tacori wedding rings from Whiteflash, then why not hold onto each other’s rings? That way you can exchange rings for real at the ceremony! If you like the idea of them presented on a pillow, then consider typing them with ribbon, just in case.

The Cake

You need to rely on a baker to get the names right on your wedding cake. And you also need to rely on him or her to make sure no allergens are in there! Nobody wants an allergic reaction, let alone at someone’s wedding. Of course, when the cake is presented, you need to have faith in the person carrying those four tiers balanced so perfectly. It’s all nerve-wracking stuff. Professionals are professionals so trust in them to get things right.


wedding tasks


The Speeches

Nowadays, it’s pretty common for brides to deliver a speech or two. But it is perhaps the Best Man’s speech and one or two of the others you might be worrying most about! Traditionally, the speech delivered by the Groom’s sibling or best friend should include embarrassing tales and one or two comedic tidbits. You can select some from thebestmanspeech if you want to approve them first! Most people never remember the speeches, so don’t fret if something is said that might offend one or two people. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves, and apologies can always be made after the toasts!

The Music

No wedding is complete without music. It sets the mood and cues many of the day’s events. You might be relying on a DJ, a string quartet, or someone with an iPod. Get into the beat, relax, and enjoy the most beautiful and romantic day of your lives without the worry of these wedding tasks. Congratulations.

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