6 Awesome Things We Love Now But Hated When We Were Kids


kidsThings We Hated As Children But Totally Rock As Adults


I remember being a kid and the things I hated somehow became attractive as an adult. You are left wondering why did I fight this? I believe much of the time it is because we are told to like it and that sucks! As adults ,we are more open to trying new things as well. Here are six things we typically dislike when we are young and embrace when we start adulting!


6 Things Kids Don’t Like




Remember how you dreaded having to go to school every day, not to mention paying attention to stuff you really didn’t care about. Adults thrive on learning more and more. There are so many free courses and with Online Learning the possibilities are endless




Kids fight going to sleep in general let alone a nap. Naps are wasted on children. I love Naps! I take one every day and nothing is so stress-relieving and rejuvenating as a good nap. As adults, we don’t get enough sleep so even a short nap improves your health and productivity. Oh and nobody can annoy you when you’re under the covers.




Remember how you used to wipe your mouth after being forced to kiss a relative? Yuk! The very thought of kissing the opposite sex would make you throw up in your mouth a little? Then someone older would say, “You’ll change your mind soon enough”. No way! But of course we do, kissing is amazing and makes us feel connected and loved. We also didn’t like our behind swatted but as adults that takes on a whole new dimension. (jus saying)


Being Clean

What was worse than getting a bath? I remember when my son was little I actually had to hold his head to keep him in the tub. Today there is nothing better than a long hot shower or a good soak in the tub. I myself, have been known to stay in a bath for hours. Nothing better than washing the day off.



Eat Your Vegetables

As children, we basically don’t want to eat anything that isn’t visually appealing or sweet. Put a vegetable on a plate even worse a green vegetable and it’s not happening. There are so many veggies I love today that I fought hard against way back in the day. Avocados are one of those things, basically, because they were green.



Time Out

Time- out was probably the greatest punishment ever. Kids hate to sit still. As an adult ,we are begging to sit still. I wish I could get a time out! Life is so busy sometimes we need to just sit and be quiet.


Funny how much changes when we grow up and maybe that’s because we get to choose for ourselves. Hope you enjoyed this fun list. What is on your list?

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I can relate to all of these especially naps. I live for a good nap now. I chuckle inside when I see my niece fighting me about things like naps, baths and quiet time. She too will one day realize the error in her ways.


Hm , how true is that all ! I remember so many foods I just hated when I was a kid , and now I love them. Time out would still be an issue for me now I guess !

Robin McMahon

So true! Look how much we have grown up! Great memories! Thanks!

Emma Jones

Very true. I do wonder though gow you fit in a daily nap. V envious. @bigpinklink Lifeinthemumslane

Tatyana B.

This is all very true! Now, being a full-time college student and working 25+ hours a week, I cannot get enough of naps. They have become my favorite past time. I have to admit, when I read “we also didn’t like our behind swatted but as adults that takes on a whole new dimension,” I chuckled. Adulthood is very different, and much more exciting–in my opinion– than being a child.


With two kids and an active household, I found myself nodding to all of the above points! Its all about perspective, can’t appreciate what you have until you realize how hard it is to come by! Also, swatting butt, lol!

Aish Padihari

I didn’t get to kiss until I was 20 (don’t judge me ;-)).., but naps yes! Naps are luxury now.


So true! I would love a nap! 🙂

Agent Spitback

EXACTLY! I found myself nodding along to everything you have listed. I think back of when I was little or my kids were little, the idea of a nap was as repulsive as vegetables but now….NAP… it’s like a fantasy! I had to giggle at “Time Out” — I would so love some time out too! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink – You nailed it with this post!

Mackenzie Glanville

oh my gosh this is brilliant, it’s so true isn’t it. My son who just turned 7 a few days ago said the other night ‘my kids will never have to eat vegetables’ and we laughed because we remember saying that too and now we love vegetables! I also do love ‘time out’ #bigpinklink

Intolerant Mum

Glad I’m not the only one who sneaks an occasional nap! Oh how i love a nap! #bigpinklink

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