Top Signs That You Might Be Headed For Divorce

Are you headed for divorce?
I hate to be the one to even suggest that divorce could be on the cards, but it’s time to tackle this topic head-on. Truth be told, you probably have a gut feeling if you at least think divorce is a possibility. There are certain signs that can’t be ignored, and despite your best efforts, the situation isn’t getting any better. These are the signs that it is edging ever nearer.




You’ve Lost Interest


There’s no bigger sign than this one! If you’ve totally lost interest in the relationship, this is a major warning signal that indicates you’re ready to move on. Before you totally give up and change your life forever, give it one last try. Make an effort to really recapture the magic of this relationship. If you really can’t find any reasons to stay together, divorce is the next port of call.


You’re Pulling Together For The Kids


There are some couples that stay together for years purely to keep their kids happy and grounded. They don’t want the children to have to deal with divorced parents and an unbalanced life. Then, there’s the worry about visitation and how child responsibilities will be split. Eventually, you’ll struggle to continue. You can always seek help from an attorney like Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, if you’re worried about visitation. You can’t keep a failing marriage going forever.




Lack Of Intimacy


Intimacy is a key part of any relationship. Without it, you’re just two people living together, a bit like roommates! If the thought of being intimate with your significant other makes you cringe, you’ve lost that attraction factor. This can build up due to multiple years of unhappiness, or simply because you’ve changed as a person!


Separate Lives


You might find that nowadays, you’re spending most of your time apart. You’ll both come home from work in the evenings, and immediately go and do other things. By this point, you’re only spending time together to eat and go to sleep. That’s not a good relationship in any way! Make an effort to spend time together, but if it isn’t happening, you’ve got every reason to be worried.




You Don’t Talk Anymore


Happy marriages involve a lot of talking on the part of the two people involved. They always want to talk about their days, entertainment and anything else that they’re interested in. When two people aren’t happy with each other, this stops entirely. They’ll keep their thoughts to themselves, rather than share it with their partner. This just pushes the marriage further apart, eventually leading to a break-up.


It’s A Constant Shouting Contest


Part of the reason why people don’t talk to each other in a failing marriage is that it always results in shouting and arguing. It often comes down to the silliest of things, too. Arguments about who gets to watch TV, or who gets to use the shower first are very common. When you’re both raging, it isn’t a fun atmosphere. This will take over your marriage if you allow it to.


If you recognize these behaviors, be the bigger person! Do what it takes to resolve your marriage if you want to, or accept that divorce might be on the cards.

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