First Date Style Mistakes To Avoid

Confidence is sexy. There is no argument about it. What do all runway models and actresses at award shows have in common? Confidence! It turns heads and makes them adored and respected. Now, the main idea behind impressing a man on a first date is to feel beautiful and breezy, so that he might feel the same. Not to mention feeling attractive would do a great job at helping with the nerves. Let’s look at some of the style mistakes to avoid so that you can bring about the best version of yourself so you can woo that special someone.

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1. Stay Clean and Fresh

You might feel inclined to wear those cute jeans and your favorite top you always wear. After all, you wear them so often only because they look great on you. However, picking an outfit out of the basket doesn’t exactly give the message that you put effort into getting dressed up. Not to mention worn clothes may have stains, or may smell.

2. Keep Things Practical

It is important to dress according to the place you’ll be heading to. Sequined women’s dresses in a laid-back bar or a pair of heels to a nature hike are a big no-no. Don’t go over the top when picking women’s bags – purses. Remember that getting uncomfortable will make your date feel equally uncomfortable too.

3. Fancy Hairstyles

Intricate up-dos and buns may look great, but there’s a danger of making you look unapproachable and rigid. Loose flowy locks are a game-winner and will make your date unable to resist wanting to run their fingers through your hair. Instead of going for a fancy new style, simply getting a new haircut may make the world of difference. Surveys show that 50% of men will notice a haircut, so if you want to make an impression, that may be the way to go.

4. Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

Comfort is key in avoiding style mistakes. It is important to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t have to keep adjusting or have a risk of causing a wardrobe malfunction. Women’s dresses that require you to suck it in are also not a great idea. The same goes when picking women’s shoes or women’s tops. There is no need to torture yourself with ill-fitting clothes, just do whatever it takes to keep that smile on!

5. Finding the Right Amount of Skin to Show

The idea of a first date is to keep your partner interested and keep them guessing. Showing off just one part of your body, your best asset, is the way to go. Legs, shoulders, or back – pick one and you are good to go. Avoid these style mistakes in baring it all and running the risk of looking too raunchy. Only 24% of men are interested in what’s under the clothing of their date, so don’t feel like you need to show off your skin to get your date to take notice of you. The right outfit will do the job just fine.  Brands like River Island have tons of great sexy, but not too raunchy pieces that would be perfect for a first date.

6. Excessive Makeup

Lipstick on the teeth, or too much powder or body glitter can be off-putting. On a first date, it is best to go with a more natural look that makes your good features prominent. This will make you appear elegant and showcase your natural beauty.

First dates can be quite nerve-wracking and it’s easy to make style mistakes, especially if it is with someone you’ve had your eye on for a while. Hopefully, these tips make it a little easier to answer the dreaded “What should I wear?” question. Choosing the perfect women’s wear for a first date is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and showing your date your best traits, so make sure you keep these tips in mind if you want your first date to lead to a second one.

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