Strange And Not So Strange Things I’m Thankful For

This Year

Thanksgiving is just around the corner for us Americans and it should be the time we especially think about the things we are thankful for. There were many amazing things and downright mind-boggling events in 2016 that really made the whole world think.

So let’s just what I’m thankful for and maybe your are too.


Sticking It out

I will be honest in saying I am not the easiest person to live with or even be friends with at times. I think alot differently than others. I have to say as this is my Wedding Anniversary, I wonder at times why he and my kids stick it out. Whatever the reason which is probably part crazy I am grateful they do because I really think god put them in my path to keep me grounded,


A Campaign To Remember

No matter how you felt about the candidates or Hilary Clinton especially, it was an amazing time in history. A year that a woman was almost president!


In all of the chatter about Trump and Hilary¬†,I haven’t really heard people rejoice in the fact that this was a sign at how far women have come. My hope is this will happen again in four years and I know who I want it to be but we aren’t here to talk about politics.


Power To The People

I hear often people on both sides of protests. Even those complaining about protestors and what they are protesting about. Of course, the fires, looting, and shootings that occurred are terrible but it shocks me sometimes that people will be against the one freedom in this country that makes it great! The Freedom Of Speech! Without it so many great things wouldn’t have happened like Civil Rights, the right to vote, The right to choose. I was at the Occupy protests in NYC and there is nothing greater than to stand for something you believe in.


That I Rise


If you haven’t reached 40 yet, let me just tell you it is a gift to draw breath every day and it is a thing you will hear us say. How are you today? Just grateful I woke up today so it’s all good! Or “better than dead”. Hey, it’s a thing, when you get to a certain point you really believe each day is a gift that you weren’t promised.


Always Keep A Back-up


Coffee is my drug of choice!! This year somebody gave me an extra coffee maker and I said, “but I already have one”. I was glad I took it because if you have it going like I do you will be glad for it. For me, I have yet to find one that lasts a really long time. If I don’t have it, heads will roll.


Sarcasm is a family trait, yes I believe it’s genetic. I have it bad!! I love it, of course, I have learned when it’s appropriate and when it’s not and I don’t really let my mouth get me in trouble like I used to. When it’s done right there is no better ice breaker or tension-¬†easer. It maybe is a problem that I can find almost anything funny.


Online Besties

Blogging not only gave me more career choices it also connected me to some really great people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.


I have made a lot of friends online. Where else would you have a bestie from Spain! I love that about blogging and the Internet, it allows you to meet and chat with so many different people. Of course, you have to always be careful to not get taken advantage of but it is amazing and I really believe I am a better person because of it. Through these connections, I have learned a lot and formed lasting bonds.

Just Us Girls


Finally, for us women I have really noticed a shift in Positive Body Image in Media and Advertising since we have stood up and said something. Women are embracing the skin they are in no matter what size that is. We are getting strong instead of skinny.

Products have become more natural since we are finally being heard about no wanting so many chemicals poisoning the products we use. Women are being heard like never before and that is something to be thankful for!

What are you thankful for this year?


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