girl-1307429_640One of the things ladies struggle with most is feeling confident. They struggle in social situations, and it can deter potential dates approaching them. The reason behind their lack of confidence is often down to how they look. They worry that particular features don’t look great, and they think other people look much better than them. Here are eight tricks to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence!


Smile more often

One trick to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence is to smile more. A great smile is one of the top reasons why men approach a woman.

In fact, research has found women are ten times more attractive to men if they are smiling.

Therefore, if you can pull off a winning smile, you will attract more attention when you are out. Smiling can make your whole appearance look fabulous. Although you can practice before you go out, try and not force a smile; it will look fake and make you appear unapproachable. Smile naturally and you will look better and feel more confident when people compliment you on your smile!



Look after your teeth

Another trick to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence is to take care of your teeth. It’s so important to look after your oral hygiene if you want your teeth to look fantastic when you smile. If you don’t brush them twice a day, you could soon build up decay and then need treatments when you go to the dentist. You will feel less confident when you smile, and it won’t look great. Therefore, keep on top of looking after your teeth so you have a great set of pearly whites. If you do feel unhappy with your teeth, you could talk to your dentist about some treatments. A lot of dentists do a wide range of treatments to improve your teeth such as veneers and whitening. You can read more on sites for dentists such as


Take care of your problem skin


You can also enhance your appearance and boost your confidence by taking care of your problem skin. Acne is a big problem for women in their late teens, 20’s, and 30’s face. It can destroy your confidence as you will worry about how you look. You need to ensure you put in place a daily skincare routine to look after your problem skin. You can get many skin treatments to use at home to tackle your spots. You could also talk to a professional dermatologist about your skin. Here are some other natural remedies for problem skin. Once your skin breakouts are under control, your skin will look great, and you will feel more confident!


Go natural with your hair

Another trick to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence is to go natural with your hair. Wavy hair looks fantastic and is popular when attracting guys. We spend so much time trying to straighten our hair.

But it often ends up going back curly after a couple of hours anyway. And as discussed on, 58% of guys thought the curly hair was sexier. Therefore, don’t be afraid to go natural to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence!




Brighten up your lipstick  

An additional trick to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence is to go for bright lipstick. It can help your lips to look fuller and more attractive. A lot of people go for a pale pink or a dark color.

But red is such a great color to wear which can be worn with various outfits. Wearing red lipstick can also make your teeth look whiter and more appealing. You should try several red lipsticks on to see which one’s right for you. You will be surprised at how much more appealing you will feel with a bright red lipstick! Don’t forget to add some gloss to help your lips stand out.


Paint your nails (and get the heels out)


Another trick to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence is to paint your nails. A lot of people focus on their face and forget that hands and feet are so important too.

You should make sure you choose a great color to help your nails stand out. Also, a vibrant color on your toes will look great with some gorgeous heels.


Don’t be afraid to rock some heels; they can instantly make you look and feel a lot more confident. Remember to cut your nails too before you go out. Otherwise, it will spoil your whole look!




Focus on your best features

You should also make sure you are focusing on your best features if you want to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. It might be your hair or your eyes that you love. Make sure it’s looking shiny and go for an elaborate style if you want people to focus on your hair.

And if you love your eyes, as this feature says, make sure you define them and use eye makeup which highlights how they look. Draw attention to your best features and it will stop people looking at your flaws.



Dress to compliment your figure


Another trick to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence is you need to dress to compliment your figure. You need to choose styles which will accent your curves and help you to look fantastic. Define your body type and stick to a style which will flatter this.

If you are in a well-fitted outfit, you will feel a lot more comfortable as you will look great. Make sure it’s the right size so that you are comfortable in the outfit. You don’t want to be worrying about it being tight as you will lack confidence. Experiment with different styles till you find something.


Remember to stop comparing yourself with others. We are all different, and you need to accept you won’t look the same as your friend. Embrace your individuality and be proud of how you look to gain more confidence.


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