A Woman’s Guide To Saving Money On Weekly Spending

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A Woman’s Weekly Spending

No one understands how expensive it is to be a woman except for women! We have to have more things than Men do.  Business knows this fact and knows that we will ,in fact, spend more on everything. Clothes, Shoes, Beauty Services. All of these things cost more for Women than Men.

All of us in general, spend too much money on things we may think are essential, but are they? We are an instant gratification society. We want what we want and we want it now. Unfortunately, that is more costly than we think.

Thinking about today will hurt us tomorrow. I was advised by a Financial Planner that we should be saving 10% of our income weekly to plan for retirement. How many of us do this? We all have excuses such as bills or I don’t make enough. The truth is we can’t afford to especially as Social Security is nowhere near enough to sustain us.

Have 10% of your income automatically deposited in interest bearing Savings

How To Cut Your Weekly Spending

The second issue is how much we are spending on a weekly basis. Think about it for a moment. We are quick to pull out our debit cards every week for things that we actually don’t really need. Then you wonder where all your money went. We are nickel and diming ourselves broke. Here are a few tips for cutting costs.

  • Carry your own water in a reusable bottle
  • Bring your own coffee in the morning
  • Make your own lunch
  • Carpool or take Public Transportation

Maybe your thinking you don’t need to save money for that. Whether you struggle financially or not it is a good idea for various reasons. It is healthier for one thing and better on the environment.

Below is a spreadsheet to help you document your weekly spending. Write down for a week every little thing you spend money on and I am sure you will be shocked. After that try putting that money aside for something you want or need.

Daily Deals

Couponing has become a hugely popular way people are saving money on anything from Beauty Services to Getaways. How much do we spend at a stylist? Would saving money on those costs sway you? Of course, they would.

There are sites now that help to save money on the things we usually dip into our wallets on a regular basis without taking into account what those extra dollars would mean to our savings



Clothing And Furniture

One of the best ways to save money on Clothes and Furniture is shopping at Consignment and Thrift Stores.We can still get those designer items we love but slightly used and at much lower prices. You can even shop online.



We spend an outrageous amount of money on Skincare Products and Cosmetics. I have been making my own skincare products for years with items you usually have in your kitchen. Not only is it cheaper but better for your skin as well.

Shop with coupons and seek out sales. Drugstores like Rite-Aid and Cvs offer great deals and often you can get them right to your phone with their app.

ELF is a low-cost brand I really love and they aren’t paying me in any way. The makeup is comparable with the top brands and dirt cheap. Brand loyalty is great but can be costly as well.

In conclusion, start thinking about the money you spend on non-essential items. Utilize the offered spreadsheet to give you an idea of what you are spending. I hope these tips will help you and stay tuned for future posts on Saving Money



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Uchegbu Ikenna

Heidi. Thank you for this article. It is not just for women only , men also learn how to save.

We should give up buying things that are not so necessary and learn to keep 10% aside as savings.



Paula, The Geeky Shopaholic

I’ve started packing my own lunch and taking my own drinks. This saves me about 40-50 dollars a week. 🙂 And I keep meaning to try some ELF products. They have such cute packaging for their products.

Christine Tatum

I am good with saving money, but I am equally good with wasting money! Uggh! I am going to check out the ELF products. Thanks for sharing!


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