About Me

I am Heidi. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have traveled and lived in five different states in the last ten years to experience all of the joys that traveling brings. This last year I have settled in the beautiful state of Georgia and I love it.

I have been blogging for almost a year. Upon completing courses in Social Media and Information Technology, I chose blogging as a way to have a voice on the web while spreading my creative wings through writing. It allows me to make a part time income doing something I love.

I own and have built two blogs which currently thrive and continue to grow.

I have also built up a decent following across Twitter, Google plus, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumbled Upon. I also manage two groups of bloggers and a Pinterest board.

I have over ten years experience in the Hospitality and Customer Service industry. I’ve always chosen these occupations because engaging and helping people has been my life’s mission. I enjoy expanding these skills whenever I can because I believe you never can learn enough.

You can contact me at womanpulse@gmail.com