How To Find Your Way Back From Addiction

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that addiction is an incredibly damaging and worrisome condition to find yourself in. Part of how it works is that you often don’t notice it happening until it is too late. In all likelihood, if you were able to spot it more easily, you would probably not allow yourself to fall into deeper trouble with it.

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Something worth mentioning is that the actual substance or experience you are addicted to making little difference to how you can recover from it. All addiction, at the base level, is ultimately the same psychological and physiological function, so there are tips and tricks which will work no matter what you are addicted to. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the things you should bear in mind if you want to be rid of your addiction.



Get To Know How Addiction Works


If you truly want to be rid of your addiction, you first need to have a good idea of how it actually works. Addiction can appear for anyone, causing trouble in anyone’s life, and that is worth remembering if you start to feel ashamed. No matter who you are, or what the addiction is, you will still find that it works in basically the same way every time. The more you understand the nature of addiction, the more likely it is that you will be able to free yourself of it. So let’s have a look in a little more detail at how addiction really functions for everyone.


As you can see at, addiction is often seen as something of a cycle. There is a lot of truth to this. It is definitely the case that most addicts feel that recovery itself also works as a kind of cycle. One day you feel completely in control, the next you do not – and on a larger scale, you will find that even as you gradually take back control, you will still continue to have dark depressive periods. It is a good idea to pay attention to these cycles, as this will allow you to put all of your recovery experiences in a fuller context. That in itself can be a really powerful move to make, so that is worth bearing in mind.




But it’s not just the cycle that you could benefit from trying to understand. Addiction has many other characteristics which you might need to look into if you want to increase your chances of successfully getting free of it. One particularly important characteristic to pay attention to is that all addictions work on the basis of triggers. Getting to know yours might be one of the most sensible and effective things you ever do in order to get free.


Know Your Triggers


A trigger is an event, situation or feeling which usually leads to you relapsing into the addictive behavior you are trying to do away with. The difficult thing about understanding triggers is that they can be literally anything. Take a look at this site for more on triggers: What happens with addiction is that you literally rewire your brain so that the behavioral response to the trigger becomes more and more ingrained.


Coming to terms with the plasticity of the brain will enable you to gain a fuller appreciation of why kicking any addiction can be so difficult. In order to get back to a natural state and recover, you need to rewire your brain again, after all that learning that you have done – sometimes for many years prior. But if you can start to know your own triggers well enough, you can soon begin to recover – so that is a great starting point.



Most people find it beneficial to keep a diary at first. This will enable you to gain a full understanding of when your triggers really appear, and why they appear when they do. If you try to rely on your perception and memory alone, you are unlikely to be as successful as if you keep a record. Once you know clearly what your triggers are, you can then begin to pay more attention when they arise. This, as it turns out, is a vital first step towards beating your addiction. Whether it’s a powerfully addictive drug, gambling, or even the Internet, this is the process that tends to work for most people.


Coping Mechanisms


Of course, it’s not all that easy. The whole point of addiction is that it is so difficult to beat because just noticing triggers is not enough. You need to actually have the strength to say no when it matters most. And to be able to do that, you will need to develop some serious coping mechanisms.




Coping mechanisms are ways of dealing with the sometimes extremely negative results of turning down your fix. Whatever you might be addicted to, every time you say no it is a blow against the addiction. You can think of the addiction as trying to fight back at these times. It will attempt to do everything in its power to get you to get back on it, and it is down to you to see what tricks it is playing – and raise your coping mechanisms in response.


These can be anything at all. As a general rule of thumb, it should be something comforting which is not likely to become the subject of an addiction itself. If you are struggling to find anything, it might be worth asking your therapist or doctor for advice. As long as you have a decent coping mechanism, you will find quitting your addiction much easier.


It’s no secret that beating an addiction is a challenge. But it is always worth it, and the feeling that comes from succeeding is better than any feeling the addiction itself will ever give. Don’t give up, seek help where you need it, and one day you will be thrilled that you did just that.

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