How To Spot Addiction Signs In Friends and Family


signs of addictionUncovering Addiction Signs In Those We Love

That title addiction signs might seem like a contradiction. If it’s hidden, is it not – by default – something that you’re going to struggle to identify?


This is the eternal problem of spotting addiction in the people you care about. Addicts rarely show their behavior off. They don’t walk into a room and begin to talk about their drinking problem, the same way they’d discuss the weather or the local team’s latest sports results. It’s not the done thing in polite society, and it’s definitely not the done thing for an addict – every instinct in their body is telling them to hide the problem.

signs of addiction

Unfortunately, being able to identify addiction signs when an issue has gone too far is an essential. Very few addicts have the momentary flash of wisdom where they realize that they have a problem. They don’t wake up one morning, realize what they have been doing, research a step program, check themselves into the likes of, and set about rectifying the issues they may have suffered up to that point. It just doesn’t work that way – so if they’re not going to spot it, it’s up to the people who love them to do so.


Physical Signs


While this area may differ depending on what they are addicted to, there are generally a few physical sides that could be a heads-up to you that there’s a problem.

On a note of caution: many of these addiction signs can be caused by ill health. So if you see them appearing in someone you are concerned about, it’s best not to go barreling in asking if they have an addiction. Don’t assume the worst, is the key point – treat the matter with the sensitivity any other comment on health and looks would require.

signs of addiction


Skin problems. With alcohol, even mild cases of addiction can result in a yellowed appearance. This is not an indicator of full on jaundice, but just a sign that the liver is under stress. You may also notice skin has a gray, dull hue rather than any sign of vibrancy. If you are concerned that what you are seeing is jaundice, then has some useful guides to consult.

Eye problems. Eyes may appear more watery, with the eyelids becoming more drooped. They may squint more frequently due to light sensitivity. The ‘red eyes’ you often see on addicts in a TV show may appear, but they will rarely be as obvious as the TV version – that’s makeup, after all. A pink tinge around the waterline is more likely.

Poor personal hygiene. Some people, of course, just have poor personal hygiene generally. If, however, a formerly well-groomed person begins to neglect to brush their teeth, do their hair, or has clearly not showered in a few days, then this might be cause for concern.



Behavioral Problems

addiction signs

While the above can be helpful, most of the time it is through changes in behavior that addiction can be identified.



Secrecy. If the person in question used to be quite open and suddenly refuses to engage in discussions of what they have been doing, then this may be a warning sign.

Ceasing to care about things. Especially things that, for the duration of the time you have known them, they have always cared about.


Lying. While it’s not possible to know if someone is lying to you for sure, if they have bad cover-up explanations for various things or are just evasive when you press for details, then this could be an indicator of a deeper problem.

We never want to think our loved ones are in trouble with addiction but it’s important to know the addiction signs.

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