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Birthday Coming? Top Age Concerns Every Woman Feels


age concernsHow To Deal With Age Concerns

No matter how self-actualized a person may be, there is still something about the additional candles on the birthday cake that gives us a shiver. Giving the way time speeds up as we age (or as we perceive time, anyway), it can feel like you’ve only just blown out one candle when you’re lining up to do the same again the next year.



On some levels, part of our fear of aging is based on our concerns about how it is going to change our physical appearance. There is something about smooth, unlined skin that we convince ourselves just looks better than the fine lines and wrinkles that betray our age. Or perhaps your aging concern is more about hair thinning or developing a turkey neck – we all have an area that we focus our thoughts on.


However, there’s a few other changes that happen as we age that it’s worth focusing a little time on. The remedy for most of these are the things you probably already know to be beneficial: a varied and balanced diet, moderate exercise, and finding ways to keep stress to a minimum. Nevertheless, being prepared is the first step towards coping…


1) Age Comes With Risks


The “risks” being referred to here are as in at-risk groups for medical conditions. No matter where you are in life, you are always part of a more at-risk group for certain conditions. Babies are more at-risk of meningitis for example.


There’s no doubt, however, that the older you get the more real the age concerns of chronic illness becomes. Some of this is just a fact of evolution: the longer we stay alive, the longer our bodies have to find fault. So it’s somewhat inevitable, but of course, you can fight back.


For women, the odds of breast cancer raise with every year on your age. For men, the primary concern is prostate cancer. It’s therefore important to find a screening program and participate enthusiastically – screening can, and does, save lives. You can also be screened for bowel cancer (another disease that overwhelmingly affects the older amongst us), and technology improves every day with screening for other cancers. Knowledge is power, so start screening as soon as you’re eligible.


2) Weighty Matters


age concerns


The older you get, the more you will be affected by a nasty duo of:

It’s easier to put on weight. If you eat the same calorie total you ate at 20 when you’re 40, you’ll gain weight. It’s harder to lose weight.Which is pretty much nature’s way of punishing you for getting older, or so it seems!


Being aware of your food intake is always important at any stage of life, but it’s especially an age concern as each birthday passes. Getting to a healthy weight and maintaining it is going to be harder; don’t assume you will be able to drop pounds the way you used to a decade ago.


3) You’ll Be Happier


Despite all of the above, it’s true: studies consistently show that the happiest decade of our lives is our fifties – with 58 being the golden age. So while you’ll have to jump a few health hurdles, at least there’s something nice to look forward to as well! Hopefully you realize these age concerns really aren’t that big a deal and enjoy every moment.

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