Anti-Aging Skincare And Growing Older


Forget expensive handbags or a fancy ring, your skin care is the best investment you’ll ever make. Believe me the closer I get to the big 5-0, the more grateful I am that I took care of my skin!  Look after it and it’ll thank you for it. When we want to impress we usually go out and buy a new dress or some beautiful earrings. It’s about time we started seeing our skin as our best accessory. Our faces are the first things people see when they meet us.



As we get older we lose some of our skin’s luminous glow, skin can start to sag, and lines appear deepened. Growing old gracefully isn’t about stopping the clock. We have to embrace these changes

It’s about time we started seeing our anti-aging skin care as our best accessory. Our faces are the first things people see when they meet us.  We have to embrace these changes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little helping hand to get that glow back…


Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Start by adapting your skincare routine. Retinoids are something of a buzzword in skincare at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. These retinoids are derived from vitamin A. Vitamin A is amazing for aging skin as it helps to stimulate collagen, which lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also works wonders for acne.

anti-aging skincare

Another top skincare tip is to wear sunscreen every single day. Yes, even in the winter. This may seem excessive but you’d be surprised the amount of damage the sun does to our skin. Exposure to the sun’s powerful rays speeds up the aging process and can, more seriously, lead to severe sun damage. You must choose a sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. The thick, greasy texture of sunscreen can cause some people to break out. If this is the case, opt for a lightweight formula instead. This way it won’t clog pores and create new spots.


Another skincare buzzword is humectants. It sounds complicated, but humectants are basically super hydrating. They’re able to hold 1,000 times their weight in water. So anytime you see a label that has humectants as ingredients, you know it’ll nourish and hydrate your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a popular humectant used in skincare, so read your labels!

When you get older, and your skin is less prone to acne and needs more moisture, opt for richer products. Lightweight formulas can provide a base for heavier creams and serums. Night-repair lotions are also a great way to replenish skin.

Those Fine Lines

If you want to get rid of your sleep wrinkles, and creams aren’t a quick enough fix, try fillers. Sleep wrinkles occur when we sleep on our pillow and our skin becomes compressed. The repetition forms wrinkles. Robinson Cosmetic Surgery have details about some other skin enhancing treatments too. Try getting in the habit of sleeping on your back, to begin with. This will minimize wrinkles but also align your back.


anti-aging skincare tips



As you get older shopping for makeup can be frustrating. Lots of products tend to settle in fine lines, or don’t have a dewy, natural finish.

As you get older, priming your skin for makeup become more and more important. Dry skin can cause your foundation to gather and break up. Avoid any creases in your makeup by applying a moisturizer before and foundation. There are also some seriously hydrating primers which make a good base. Just be sure to leave your moisturizer to soak into the skin fully before starting your makeup. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a messy, patchy look.

anti-aging skin care

Nailing the color of your makeup is so important. Get color matched, or try testers, before committing to any products. Sunspots can also be a challenge. Opt for a shade that is somewhere in between the spots and the color of your skin. Blend well, and you’ll have a bit of a glow from the slightly darker foundation, rather than mismatched skin. Avoid using powder, it settles in lines and highlights them.


In terms of your eye and lip makeup, less is more. A slick of mascara and a matte rose gold eyeshadow, add a touch of subtle color without going overboard. Avoid shimmery shadows and instead, go for bronze tones. Similarly, a neutral lip, or lip stain, is a good idea. You should be letting your natural skin shine through, not trying to hide it!

A Healthy Diet

We are what we eat. This old expression is true in terms of our skin. You’ve probably heard that drinking water is good for our skin. It hydrates us and can get rid of forehead spots caused by dehydration. Drink plenty of water but also replenish your skin cells by eating fatty fish. Fatty fish contain omega-3 which is crucial to protecting and replenishing our cells. Salmon is a tasty source of omega-3!

ant-aging skin care

Pay careful attention to your diet. Foods like wheat, dairy, and even alcohol, could be causing inflammation. Inflammation is bad new for our skin as it can lead to discolouration and worsening of under eye bags. If you think your diet could be affecting your bags reduce the amount of salt you eat and increase the amount of water you drink. See a doctor or nutritionist before cutting foods out of your diet. Try reducing them first to see if there’s an improvement.

Working Out

Exercise is also great for our skin and improving ultimately our ant-aging skincare, whatever our age. During exercise, a compound is released which prevents cell death from occurring. By preventing cell death skin is able to repair and revitalize itself. It also means that our middle layer of skin will become thicker, and will be able to trap more moisture here.

anti-aging skin care

In terms of alcohol, the less you drink the better. Red wine especially can dilate blood vessels. This leads to skin inflammation and even rosacea. You’ll recognize this as a ruddy skin look that older people sometimes develop. Processed foods and sugar also promote inflammation and should be avoided if possible!


If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough of the right things in your diet, try supplementing it with supplements!

Fish-oil supplements are a great way of making sure you’re getting all the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that you need. They’ll help you to build up your protective layer of top skin. In older people, this layer of skin is thinning. It’s essential because it acts as a moisture barrier, keeping skin hydrated.


Your New Anti-Aging Skincare Routine:

anti-aging skin care

  • Start by removing your makeup and then cleansing your skin. Avoid scrubs, as the beads in them can irritate skin and make it inflamed.


  • After you’ve cleansed apply an eye cream to the underneath of your eyes, and around them, where you have fine lines. A moisturizing eye cream will help to plump up the skin and fine lines making them appear less obvious, and eyes hydrated.


  • Now apply your serums. Which serums you apply depends on the type of problem you want to address. There are serums to even skin tones, reduce blemishes, and hydrate skin.


  • If this is your morning routine finish by applying sunscreen, in the evening apply a retinoid.


Start implementing these small changes to your anti-aging skin care and you will be making a fantastic investment for the future. Whatever our age, we should be taking great care of the skin we’re in. It’s so much easier to prevent problems now than have to try and fix them later. Some of these changes will increase your overall fitness and wellbeing, as well as your skin’s health.


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