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anti-aging tipsBest Anti-Aging Tips To Look Younger For Life

There are plenty of anti-aging serums, expensive treatments, and lifestyle hacks out there, all aimed at women and men who want to press pause on the aging process. Really, the only proven way to look younger for longer is to start looking after yourself now. Yes, right now! Whatever your age, the way you treat your body today will determine how good you look in the future. So why not invest in a younger looking you for longer? Here are some specific anti-aging tips to keep that youthful look, from head to toe. Why wait to use anti-aging products when you can take preventative measures instead…

anti-aging tips

Youthful Tresses

One of the trademarks of anybody who takes care of themselves is a great head of hair. Long, short, it doesn’t matter. If you look after yourself, however, you will have strong, healthy, glossy hair. Getting old might mean more grays but it shouldn’t mean split ends, dry locks, and lackluster color.

anti-aging tips

Start looking after your hair now and you’ll reap the rewards later on. Start by getting your hair trimmed regularly. Don’t just go to the hairdresser when you want a new style. Going for regular trims ensures all dead ends and broken hair is removed. This will encourage new shiny and strong hair. Brushing your hair is another must. This is actually a great way to distribute your hair’s natural oils. It also increases circulation which makes your scalp healthier.

Even the food we’re eating can help make our hair stronger. Protein, which we get from foods like fish and nuts, helps to strengthen our hair and stop it from shedding. Speaking of shedding hair, don’t torture your hair with too much heat. Using too many curling tongs and straighteners seriously damage hair. Use a heat protect spray first and try not to use heat too often.

Those Pearly Whites

Keeping our teeth healthy is another good way to keep looking young for longer. Over time plaque and staining can build up. Telltale wine and coffee stains are left on our teeth and can start to age us. Especially if you’re a smoker.


Firstly, master the basics of looking after gums and teeth. Brush teeth twice a day, the best time to do this is after meals before any residue has a chance to settle. Electronic toothbrushes are a good idea as the motion cleans more deeply that a normal toothbrush. Use a fluoride toothpaste. This is important as it will help to harden enamel and lessen the risk of decay. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to brush for two to three minutes, there’s no harm in setting a timer if you want to be sure!


It comes back to diet again. Keeping teeth healthy also requires a good diet (it affects so many things!). Try and cut down or cut out fizzy drinks and sugary fruit juices. These will erode the enamel and cause holes over time. Make sure you are visiting your dentist for regular check-ups. Problems caught early on will be a lot easier to fix.

anti-aging tips


If you’re wondering why joints are so important, it’s because they are directly linked to movement. As we get older our movement is less fluid and becomes more labored. The joint is the connection between two bones, a join if you like. The structure surrounding the joint is responsible for our movement. The way we bend our fingers, elbows, flex our legs and even turn out heads, all rely on healthy and strong joints.


We all know how important fitness and exercise are. Obviously, this will help us to be more active and in better shape as we age. Specifically, we should be focussing on keeping our joints strong. This is a common concern for older people. Weaker joints can cause complications. Whilst you can even have same day joint replacement surgery these days, it’s best to prevent the problem rather than have to fix it.


Start off small and break those bad habits. They may seem innocent, but these bad habits will cause you lots of joint problems in the future. Neck pain can be developed over time. If you look at a computer monitor for a lot of the day make sure it’s positioned at eye level. This will help as you won’t have to crane your neck for hours on end five days a week. Similarly, invest in a wrist rest if you are typing for most of the day. This will allow you to relax your wrist and not place unnecessary strain on it.

Start wearing flats. High heels are fine for special occasions but wearing them every day has serious health implications. The stress placed on the foot and knees can actually lead to osteoarthritis over time. If you have to wear heels at work at least bring flats for the commute and lunch times!


Taking supplements is a great way to help strengthen your joints. They can be particularly helpful with stiffness and could even help to repair cartilage. Fish oil capsules are also extremely popular. Go for the real thing and incorporate some more fish into your diet. The fatty acid, Omega-3, found in fish is essential to reducing pain and inflammation around the joints.

Taking care of yourself with these anti-aging tips for the whole body will help to look and feel younger.


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