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Atlanta Rap & Hip Hop Culture Revealed

We all have that rap song that sticks with us long after we hear it, whether it’s the rhythm we can’t help but move to or the lyrics that speak to our soul. No genre of music holds true to these feelings more than Hip-Hop and Rap. You can’t talk about rap and Hip Hop without Atlanta Rap Culture and Black Entertainment at large being on the tip of your tongue. 

Atlanta has become one the most culturally rich cities and the center or Rap music since the 80’s with major labels such as LA Face and So So Def Records made it their home and introduced amazing talent such as Outkast and Lil John topping a long list of mega talent making Atlanta where most of the well-known rappers you hear today rise to fame and the main reason new artists can be found making the culturally and musically diverse City their home base.


Rap & Hip Hop’s Influence On The World

 Rap lyrics are in every genre of music we listen to, you’d be hard-pressed to not see a rapper featured in any popular song today. Rap music isn’t just a few rhymes set to a great beat. It is struggling, it’s pain, it’s joy, it’s love. Bottom line is its art, it’s poetry in motion because you can’t listen without feeling something.

]I’m Not Saying I’m Gonna Change The World.. But I Guarantee I Will Spark The Brain That Will Change The World [ Tupac


The Positive Aspects Of Rap

The genre also brought about positivity. Awareness of social issues and lit fire to change. As years went by it even unified people in Atlanta and on a global scale to some degree as more and more of the younger generation looked to emulate the messages.

Years later it would still provide the youth, not only a way to rise above circumstances and have a chance to be heard but to heal as programs such as Hip-Hop Therapy sprung up as a way to bring together young black men and women to discuss issues relatable to the lyrics.

Finding out about this led me to seek out someone in the industry who understands why, if you’re talking rap or Hip Hop you must be talking about Atlanta, an amazing rising artist Eli Cooper, who strangely enough I stumbled across on Facebook and once I started listening to his music I couldn’t stop. So of course, my writer’s brain had to know more:


Chatting with Eli Cooper


How Did You Get Started?

It is hard to pinpoint an exact moment I started rapping because it has always been a part of my life, I remember watching my big brother writing and doing shows and just feeling like it chose me, that ache in your gut when you know what you were meant for and what your purpose is.

Who Are Your Musical Influences?

There are so many amazing artists that paved the way for the dream and none more so than my big brother Elzie Cooper, were it not for him who knows if I’d be where I am today. Growing up and today I continue to be inspired by Tupac, Jay-Z, Big Pun, UGK Outkast but most of all my biggest musical influence has to be Weezy F Baby AKA Lil Wayne Tha Carter.


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What Should People Know About Your Music?

Honestly, It began to me almost like therapy. Everyone needs a creative outlet. You write, some people garden or work on cars, it was the same for me, a way to get it all out, which led to deeper passion, a true calling that allows me to connect with the world. Like Marley says “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.

Rap Music opens doors for people Point Blank and I knew I had to be part of that. If there is one thread that binds us all together it’s music and rap tops the list. What’s unique about my style is “I Bridge The Gap”. Listen closely and yes you’ll hear the rhythm of today’s music combined with the wordplay of a time before reminding you of the rap roots of yesterday.


Bio: Eli Cooper
A Southern Roots Rapper Bridging The Gap Between Today And Yesterday



I’m from South Georgia Moultrie to be exact I rip that LaGrange and West Atlanta my style is similar to b o b Outkast J Cole and Lil Wayne yeah I’m different, I’m a dope independent artist that can really rap and swag on folks

Connect With Eli On Social Media

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Rap and Hip Hop culture has kept Atlanta a mecca for amazing talent which includes Eli, who I am sure will do great things.

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