How To Avoid Party Planning Mistakes

Party planning is easy, right? Think again! With so much organisation and planning to do, there can be a lot that can slip your mind. So what makes a great party and what should you avoid? Here are the most common mistakes people make when planning an event, and how you can sidestep them.
Leaving Things Too Late
Don’t leave all your planning till the last minute; that’s going to be a recipe for disaster! If you leave things too late, then popular venues, entertainment, and catering might be fully booked. You will also be more likely to rush decisions and cut corners. Give yourself plenty of time to carefully plan the party, and you’ll be much happier with the result.
Sending Invitations Out Late
Guests might need plenty of notice so that they know to reserve the date. This is especially the case if the party is taking place midweek as they may usually have other commitments. To give your guests plenty of time to plan ahead, try to send invitations out about a month before the party. If you want to try and keep costs down, you can email all your guests rather than buy paper invitations. Another way to save on postage and buying invitations is to set up an event page on Facebook.
Forgetting About Food
Food is crucial to a party. Whether you are planning your son or daughter’s birthday party or are organising a night on the town, you will have to think of food. Parties at home are easy to cater for, as you can just make a few sandwiches and cakes. If you want something a bit more sophisticated, think about hosting a tea party. If you are renting out a venue, see if there is any catering that is included in the price. If not, it might be easier for you to hire a catering company rather than carry a lot of food from your house. Night on the town? Plan a stop-off at a restaurant before you hit the bars!
Scrimping On Entertainment
Some people try to cut costs on their entertainment. But once you start booking cheaper bands and discos, the quality of your party might fall with your prices! For a kid’s party, go with a highly recommended clown or children’s entertainer. Check that they have all the required paperwork for working with kids. Book a disco or band that you know come highly recommended. If you fancy something a bit different at your party, how about a fun Halo Booth?
Leaving Out Thoughtful Finishing Touches
Cool finishing touches can take your party to the next level. These are things like decorations, little surprise gifts for the guests to take home, and unusual entertainment. Adding some extra details to your party can show that you’ve really thought carefully about the whole event. Your guests will love it and probably won’t be able to stop talking about the party for some weeks!

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