How To Make Those Eyes Get Noticed This


It’s gonna get chilly soon and good beauty care is even more important. Our eyes are always the focal point of our face and so it makes sense that we should take great care of them. Beauty is more than makeup, it is a total care regime. So I have dedicated this post to the eyes. How to take care of them and the trends for Winter.

Beauty Care Tips For The Eyes Start With Lashes




Why do Men have such beautiful eye- lashes? The answer is simple, they don’t torture them like we do. The curling, gluing, makeup all take their toll. Not only do our lashes dry out but they break and fall out as well. I believe many of us think that when we remove our makeup and wash our face that’s doing the job. It isn’t that is only part of the care we should be giving.


Just as you moisturize your face and body, your lashes need moisture as well. Use a clean mascara wand dipped in petroleum jelly or the oil of your choice and brush on your lashes every night.

I know you probably don’t want to hear it but eyelash glue and curlers are very bad for lashes and should be avoided if you want beautiful natural lashes. Don’t rub your eyes for any reason or pull on them when removing makeup, not only does this have a hand in wrinkles it is like tweezing your lashes out.


The Best Shades For Your Eye-Color



There really is no set rule for what shades you are wearing. That being said there are specific colors that can make your eyes stand out and who doesn’t want that?



Brown Eyes

  • Green
  • Gold and Copper
  • Silver and Gray
  • Deep Blue Liner

Blue Eyes

  • Orange Tones
  • Gold
  • Champagne
  • Brown or Grey Eyeliner

Green Eyes

  • Purple
  • Bronze
  • Rust
  • Purple Eyeliner

Hazel Eyes

  • Gold
  • Olive Green
  • Light Purple Tones
  • Brownish Eyeliner




Makeup Trends For Eyes This Winter


It’s hard to keep up with trends, isn’t it? They seem to go from one extreme to the other but it’s always nice to find out what we can expect when products to hit the shelves. I was really surprised to find out the colors for Winter are so muted and soft.

Copper and Dusty Pinks are in. Makeup artists are also saying it should be really subtle with just a pop of bronzed shimmer. It seems as if the Smokey black lined and smudged eyes may be making way for a more natural look. I love this! I will be honest in saying I never really mastered the Smokey Eye and it just looks like too much black to me.

A more subtle eye also means strong lip color! There should be a balance to your look.  You don’t want to look too made up as we are only window dressing the natural shine that’s already there. If you are wearing bold or dark lips your eyes should be muted and vice versa.


So how do you know which products to buy? That is the hard part, right? What is even worse is buying makeup that looks great in the package and you get it home and it sucks!  This is the one thing about Beauty Bloggers that I love.



My go to for honest makeup review is SassyCritic. Check out this post where she is reviewing Mascaras and posting visual results, it’s awesome! Best Drugstore Mascara

Finally, remember to care for your eyes as well as you do the rest of your face and give them the attention they deserve. Look into shadows and liners that compliment your eye color. Be your own kind of beautiful!

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