beauty hacksBeauty Hacks:THE INS AND OUTS OF EYELINER

I’ve been using makeup so long I can’t even remember when the love affair started. That was where the idea for Beauty Hacks came from.  Recently I’ve been watching a lot of makeup tutorials and realized I was doing it all wrong! Especially eyeliner. Applying eyeliner has to be one of the most frustrating things on earth. Something I realized was you really have to know your eye type:
Round eyes are big and you can see the white of your eyes above and below your iris
Almond eyes are just like they sound, the shape of an almond, your iris is barely visible
beauty hacks

Close Set Eyes

Close Set eyes mean there’s barely any space between your eyes and Wide Set eyes are opposite that.
Prominent eyes are where your eyes almost look bulging.
Hooded eyes are where your eyelids droop over the crease causing them to appear small {this is me}.
Round eyes and Big eyes look best with a long-winged look just outside your lash line.
Almond eyes look best when lined thinly on top and just the outer corner on the bottom
Close Set eyes and Hooded eye look best with a thinly drawn line growing thicker on the outside.
Prominent eyes look best with a thick line across the top.
Cat eye definitely seems difficult when your first trying it! The easiest way I’ve found is to draw an inner line from the duct to the outer corner then drawing again at the outer half making the line thicker and then adding the wing.
Some very useful Beauty Hack tips I found:
beauty hacks
Apply a dusting of shadow to set your liner and make it last longer.
Use the edges of a spoon to outline your wings
Apply liner in between your lashes for a more natural look
There are many eyeliner products out there. I’ve found liquid eyeliner to be the easiest especially the markers. White eyeliner is useful in your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. What are your favorite Beauty Hacks?
Hope this helped

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