Do You Have A Best Friend? Here’s Why You Need One



The Benefits Of A Best Friend

Having a best friend is a bit like being in a romantic relationship if you think about it. You meet someone – at whatever age – and make the decision to let them into your life. Luckily, they make the decision to let you in too. Then you choose to spend your time with her and share your experiences with her. You go to the cinema together, you go out to eat and you spend girly evenings in just snuggled on the couch.


A Best Friend Comes With Challenges

Naturally, there will be challenges to any friendship. Everyone goes through hard times and sometimes it’s difficult not to take this out on those closest to you. And you might be on the receiving end of this a fair few times too! But the purpose of friendship is to be there for your friend, no matter what, through thick and thin.

A Best Friend Is Someone You Can Be Silly With

Be Silly

Never stop having fun with your friend.

We will all reach a stage in our lives when the responsibilities and stress mount up a lot more than they used to be.



Use your quality time spent with your friend to laugh, giggle and be silly. Be spontaneous wherever you can and try to never lose that playful child within 

Embrace Your Inner Child

Show A Genuine Interest

As a friend, you should feel appreciated and valued by loved ones. You should make sure your friend feels  as valued. Even when you have something niggling on your mind, ensure you ask her about her life. There’s nothing more frustrating to feel like your friend is only using you to vent their frustrations – so try to do this as little as possible!

Always There

Being There

Life gets in the way at times. Perhaps you’re super busy at work or you feel snowed under with the stress of moving house.

Don’t let things like this get in the way of genuinely being there for big events in her life.



Pull out the stops with her hen do as a bridesmaid. Browse ideas for a baby shower gift to try and get her the most special gift you can. And, if she suffers from a loss of a loved one or a relationship breakdown, make sure you are there for her to turn to.

Be Forgiving

As girls, we know it’s a little tricky not to get a bit moody sometimes! If she snaps at you one day or seems to go astray for a bit, try your best to forgive. It’s natural for friendships to drift in and out over the years but try to hold on to the ones that mean a lot to you. If you feel your bestie has wronged you, it’s worth sitting down and properly talking through any issues. It will usually transpire that you both feel as terrible and want to reconcile things!

Just remember that your bestie chose you to be her best friend because she felt you had a positive impact on her life in one or many ways. Try to remain optimistic and hold on to that bond you formed when you first met.


Best Friends Forever



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Aish Padihari

You know, at this point in my life, I feel like.., I have more acquaintances and less true friends. I feel like I should have someone to just be myself with and connect at a spiritual and intellectual level. Lovely post.


This is really sweet. =) I have a best friend who I often talk to like a significant other–it really is a lot like a romantic relationship in that they become such a huge part of you. I call my best friend “light of my life” in greetings more often, I think, than I say that to my husband.

GiGi Eats

I definitely have a best friend, if not SEVERAL. In fact, I have about 7 REALLY CLOSE girlfriends (best friends)… But I have 3 SUPER best friends, haha! I don’t need a lot of friends. It’s QUALITY over QUANTITY!


As a fellow introvert, I see how making friends as you get older is so difficult. I cherish the few best friends I have made through the years and make it a point to meet up whenever possible. Thanks for reminding us how valuable they are!


Best friends are siblings you get to choose. I’m lucky enough to have one that shares all the same loves I have and won’t hold back when I need hear something. We can be silly and serious.

Laveena Sengar

I cannot imagine a life without my bed friends in it. They are the best people of my life. Loved the post 🙂


True and great post! Life with a best friend is great. I love the first one, being silly. Nothing is better than truly being able to be yourself.
And also be there for each other and always have support!


I have a best friend who’s like a sister to me. In fact, she has always been there when I’ve needed her the most. So yes, we all need a (or more) best friends, those that are more acquaintances, those that will stand by our side no matter what.

Sarah from Lavender Life

Great post 🙂 Having friends and a best friend is so important.


There are really a lot of things that you can do when you have someone that you can call your best friend. You could just be crazy together and laugh away all your troubles.


This post made me feel sad… my best friend died in a motorbike accident in his early 20’s. I’m sad to report that there is no substitute for your one best friend.

Blair Villanueva

Hello Heidi,

Thanks for your wonderful post! Every girl should have a best friend, but the challenge is keeping them as you both grow maturely. That’s why sometimes when we grow out, we tend to have new best-friends, until such time we only have few selected ones.

In a way, having them is fun a total adventure, and gives more colors to our life.


For Urban Women


I have 2 best friends and i’m very thankful for them. It’s amazing to have someone you can tell everything to and who has the same sense of humor as you 🙂

Tina von S

Having a best friend is having a relationship without the sexual part. It’s amazing to have someone who is always a part of your life and knows you more than you know yourself. It is important you take time and show the person you care, as you would in a relationship.
Tina von S |


You’re vwry lucky to have a friend like that! I have a best friend, but I think it’s more about showing interest and care of everyone you love, I find it a more complete and less exclusive life.


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