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Bachelorette party, Hen do, Struct & Cluck – whatever you want to call the brides last send off before she becomes a married woman, the same principles still apply: to have the best time possible. But for those that are inexperienced in planning a party or occasion, it can be hard to know where to start, especially with something that requires a lot of dedication to pull it off correctly. So where do you begin?


Bachelorette Party Invitations



It can be hard to know who to invite, especially if you don’t know the dynamics of your friend’s personal friendship and family circles all too well. The best thing to do is ask her upfront about it – or, if it’s to be a surprise, suggest that you have a friend who is getting married and talk about the guests, then ask who she’d invite to her send off, should she be having one. You won’t know where you’re going without just a little bit of direction, and you may be able to work out the clashes that you would much rather try and avoid on the day or night by doing so.


The Cost


A lot of the time, the bride to be doesn’t pay for her involvement in whatever you’re doing. A lot of people may be adverse to paying up in advance if they don’t have an itinerary of what is happening, especially if you are asking them to cover the cost of the bride as well. Make sure that you have everything planned with a little bit extra added on for anything that you may have accidentally missed out. That way, you know that everything is covered.




It doesn’t matter if you are hosting it in your own home or have rented out a hotel in Vegas – entertainment is still key. You want to have a good time, so you will need somebody to provide it for you. You can look at entertainment options here for some ideas as to what you can provide, or do an online search for previous parties that have gone on that you have liked the look of and gain some inspiration for the entertainment ideas from there. You want to give her a day/night that she’ll remember for the rest of her life, so make it good!


bachelorette party




If you are going more than a short car ride away, it may be a logistical nightmare to transport a big party. Getting ahead on the options available to you in order to get the guests from A to B is vital, and should be sorted out as soon as you know fully what you are doing. The cheaper you can get it, the better – public transport shouldn’t be put off limits for this reason, but also ordering transport in advance from taxis and other firms will put you in good stead financially.




Therefore, the earlier that you plan your bachelorette party, the better; you’ll be able to pick up on deals that are only available to the early birds, and may possibly be able to pool in to get something great like a Limo to take you around.

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