Different Ways To Turn Your Blogging Passion Into Money In The Bank!


Do you have a blog? Many people would answer yes to that question which is such a complete u-turn from what the answer would have been ten, even five years ago. Lot’s of people have turned to a blog to capture memories, share their passions or even allow themselves to get their creative juices flowing. For many, it is just a hobby, but what if you could turn that into a career? It’s possible, and more people are doing this every day.I have which is why I thought I would share with you some of the steps you can take to turn your blogging passion into a full-fledged profitable career.


Know every inch of your blog

When it comes to your blogging passion, you may be happy to update sporadically and read the comments that come flying in. But if you are interested in taking the next step you need to know every inch of your blog. The demographic you reach, the optimized times in which you post, the best social media platform you get the most engagement from. These are all important factors to know where you can improve your blog and how you can grow it. Could you better organize your content? Do you have a specific niche that you can work on? Really get to know your blog so that you can move it forward successfully.


Take things serious


Once you become successful in reaching a larger audience, you may find that brands want to start working with you on campaigns or even reviewing products so you can share your opinions online. This is when you may want to consider how quickly you respond to emails and even looking at the option of an alternative address to receive deliveries. Not all of us are comfortable with offering our address to strangers, so this could be the perfect solution. If you are unsure, then check out physical address com reviews for more information.


Get you and your blog noticed


The only way to move things up a gear is to start being proactive. A great way to do this is to network at blogging events and get yourself noticed. Participate in social networking, get involved with bloggers, and even find yourself a blogging community filled with like-minded individuals who will help support, just as you can equally support them.



Guest post for other bloggers


While it’s all well and good creating good content for your own blog, a great tip is to provide articles for other bloggers as well. This is when you could offer to guest post in return for a link directly back to your site. It’s a great way to boost your blog SEO and networking at the same time.

Turn your blogging passion into a career

Share The Bloggy Love


Pitch to brands to work with them


Finally, is there a brand that would really suit your blog niche? Then send them a pitch to work with them. You might want to review their products and offer great photography or even video content, perhaps even become an ambassador for their brand. However, you want to work with them, put together a decent pitch and reach your goals. You never know, it may be the stepping stone you needed for blogging success.


I hope these tips help you turn your blogging passion into a career.

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