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When I started this Blogging journey I didn’t do it blindly. After taking the Internet and Social Media Marketing courses I was trying to decide what would best suit me, which was what led me to blog. I started blogging to create an Online Presence and because I loved writing it seemed to be the perfect fit for me.

I quickly realized it wasn’t enough to just have a blog. It isn’t enough to have great content. You had to get your name out there. I found blog comments to be very effective. Most top bloggers agree that commenting on other blogs especially in the beginning is essential to your success. If you are not engaging with others no one is going to care how great your writing is. So often I see bloggers just posting their links and thinking their job is done, far from it.

What Blog Comments Do For You And Your Blog



For You

By commenting on blogs you get your name out there and leaving a quality comment on a popular blog can get you noticed. Leaving five comments a day is suggested at a minimum. A good comment can raise your authority online like nothing else.


Most blogs now have the luv comment system which means your current post is not only visible to the writer of the blog but to everyone who reads the comments.


For Your Blog

What does comments on your blog mean? Essentially it says that your content is engaging, not only to readers but to search engines. You should definitely have guidelines though. A comment less than 7 words is considered spammy and can hurt your site. We have all had those comments like “Great Post”.

The best explanation of what a comment should consist of is that a blog comment should add value to the post. I only publish comments that are at least ten words in length and show that the reader actually read what was written.

Preventing Spam

You want to keep spam off of your site. It will devalue your site to search engines and Google in particular. I personally don’t publish comments where someone adds their link manually. There are many plugins to monitor spam and definitely worth it. Moderating your comments is also a good idea but can be time-consuming.


Replying To Comments

Should you reply to every comment? That’s a tough one, I have seen big websites that get loads of comments and still reply to every comment. It does make your readers feel as if you care that they bothered. This can be difficult if you get a lot of comments. The truth is people rarely come back to check the comments.

Comment Threads

Comment threads are very popular in Facebook Groups in particular. This is where people have to leave mandatory comments. I am really not for this. I have participated in them and found that the comments often were poor quality. People will scroll through the post without really reading it. It can be obvious that they were made to by the content.  So sure you will have a quantity of comments that may leave the impression of popularity, but do they add value?

So while we are on the subject of comments, here are a few favorites to give you some idea of what a quality comment looks like.


On Dating

Very interesting article. Since I have been married to the same person for 45 years, it is hard to understand these ‘millennials” ideas. In my opinion, dating should not have to be something that is “scheduled in.” I know everyone is busy, but you have to take some time for yourself.

The thought of being in a “dating” status for me at this time in my life is whacked! I’ve often said that if my hubs and I were to split, I’d go back to my days of my 20’s and just have boy toys. No overnighters, wham bam thank you sir, bye bye. LOL

On Blogging

Your group has helped me learn so much but also feel like I had a support group. Thank you for all the time you put in, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Now to follow your tips! Blogging is so much more involved than I ever imagined!

Congrats on one year! I celebrated one year in September so I can relate to this post quite well. Social media drives much of my traffic, but I work really hard on SEO and have been successful at organic traffic too. It’s great to read a post from someone who has had similar experiences and is in a similar place!

So you see that the readers read the post and added value with their own experiences.


In Conclusion, there are many factors that go into your visibility online and commenting is an important part of that. Comments should be at least two sentences long and add to the post. A good comment can get you noticed and more readers to your website.

What do you think?





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