How To Start A Beauty Blog


If you’re into your beauty products, then you’ll no doubt have a few favorite bloggers whose beauty reviews you read religiously. But, have you ever considered starting a beauty blog of your own? If you’re passionate about cosmetics products and treatments, starting your own beauty blog could be one of the best things that you ever do.


Over the past few years, beauty blogging has become the most popular blogging niche. With thousands of new blogs being started each week. As well as blogs, there are millions of YouTube channels dedicated to beauty tips and reviews. And also, thousands of Instagram accounts.



In the blogging world, beauty blogging has become a big thing. Because of this, it is now a highly profitable area to go into.


Of course, being such a popular niche, it’s also highly competitive. But, that doesn’t mean to say that if you were to start a blog, it wouldn’t be successful. If you get your beauty blog right – the design, the style, and the things that you talk about, there’s fantastic potential for success. The most important thing is to ensure that your blog stands out from your competitors. This is because uniqueness is the key to success in any area of business.

To help you to do that, below are some tips and ideas for starting and running a prosperous and profitable beauty blog. The post is split into the three main sections that you will need to focus on to be successful. Have a read and see whether beauty blogging could be for you.


The blog and your interests:



The first thing that you need to think about is whether your interest in beauty is strong enough to allow you to run a successful beauty blog. You can’t just start a blog to make money; you need to have a genuine interest in your niche. Because otherwise, your lack of interest and knowledge will be visible in your posts. This takes us onto the next point – creating engaging content.



One of the most important things about starting a blog is the quality of your content. If you want people to visit your site again and again, and share your posts with others, they need to be of a high quality. You need to have an in-depth understanding of many areas of beauty. Because if you’re running a beauty blog, you need to be able to write posts that are not only interesting but also knowledgeable.




Along with engaging content, a well-designed website is a must. There’s nothing more off-putting than a badly designed blog site. If you want to make a profit from your blog, it’s crucial that you have your site professionally designed.




All the best blog sites are smart, stylish, easy to navigate, and have a color theme and certain style to them. A web designer should be able to help you to create the perfect site that is well designed and stands out from your competitor’s sites.

An important part of running a prosperous beauty blog (or any blog for that matter) is regularly posting content. A blog that is only updated once a week is never going to be as successful as a site that’s updated every day. This is why it’s important to have an in-depth knowledge of beauty products and treatments so that you always have things to post about.

A schedule that a lot of beauty bloggers swear by is posting three reviews, two news pieces about products or brands, and two tips or how to posts each week. To make it easier to keep on top of what should be posted when, invest in a Passion Planner or a similar style of planning book. This will make it much easier to stay on track with the tasks that need to be completed each week.


The products and brands that you feature:




If you look at any successful beauty blog, you will see that posts focus on all of the newest and most fashionable products and brands. This is because new products are what people want to read about, not old, outdated ones. So, it’s important to understand how vital it is to keep up to date with all of the newest beauty trends. One way to do this is to sign up to a beauty news site that shares press releases from companies in the beauty industry. You could also use social media to keep an eye on the updates of all the hottest beauty brands and treatment providers.


Partnering With Brands

One of the best ways to ensure that your posts are always interesting and informative is to collaborate with a range of brands. That way, you don’t have to buy products yourself, but still get to keep your site fresh and interesting. It may take time to be accepted for brand collaborations, but it’s just a case of being patient. Before a brand will work with a blogger, most of the time they like to see that the blogger already uses their products.

As well as that, they’ll also look to see if the blogger posts regular content that’s interesting, unique and well written. So, whatever you do, make sure to reread your posts before publishing, to ensure that there are no errors and that they are well written. Oh, and don’t forget to tag the company who’s product the post features on social media – this helps to get their attention.


A great way to get your blog to stand out is to test out and review all different types of products. This doesn’t just mean buying from a range of brands and stores; it also means being willing to test out products from abroad. This is especially important if you want to develop an international following. While some brands are able to ship products overseas, most of the time it can be incredibly expensive. So, if you’re going to buy beauty products from abroad to review, your best bet is to use a mail forwarding service. This will keep costs low and will mean that you could group various orders together and have them all forwarded to you at once.

If you want to test out some new products and up your blog’s following at the same time, a great way to do so is via blogger product swaps. How this works is that you get in touch with other bloggers and see who would be interested in doing a product swap. (Ideally, it’s best to contact bloggers with similar sized followings to what your site has.) You then set a price limit that each of you will spend on products for the other person to try out. These can be products that you love or just things that you’ve heard good reviews about. The idea is that you each get to try and test out products that you otherwise may never have used.




One area of running a blog that a lot of beauty bloggers overlook is marketing. If you want your blog to be successful, you need to invest in your marketing. This means taking the time to put a marketing plan in place for your blog, to ensure that your posts are reaching as many people as possible. The question is, what’s the best way to go about that?

The most popular method of marketing that successful bloggers tend to use is social media. By setting up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google Plus, and Pinterest. You can get the word out about your site. Of course, it’s not just a case of setting up an account and sharing a couple of posts a week; you need to be sharing updates constantly.

As well as interacting with other users to help increase your social media following. To do this, join in with blogger chats, comment on other bloggers posts, and become part of the online blogger community. The more active you are on social media, the higher chance that your blog will be successful.

Email campaigns are another effective method of marketing your blog. Using a service like Mailchimp, schedule regular email updates and campaigns to be sent out to your subscribers. A lot of people follow a blog via Bloglovin and then forget they’ve followed it. So by sending out regular emails with links to your content in them, you can ensure that your site isn’t forgotten about. And that your followers check back regularly to read your newest posts.

So there you have it, all the ins and outs of running a profitable and prosperous blog that stands out from the crowd. Admittedly, it may take time to get your blog up and running. But once you’ve established yourself and built a following, many opportunities will come your way. It’s just a case of getting your blog site out there and building a loyal following. The most important thing is to be patient. If you follow the tips above, you can make a success of your site. It just might take time; that’s all.

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