One question I see new bloggers ask a lot, How do you know what to write about? The truth is, I never really run out of ideas and that’s because there is so much inside my head. The first question is of course, Who am I writing to? Once you figure that out it makes what you’re writing an easier task. Because you absolutely must be offering value, otherwise no one is going to read it. Are you solving a problem? Are you relaying valuable information?


Write in a human way, create an emotional connection between you and your reader as if you are talking to them personally. It allows your readers to feel connected to your content and will be more likely to return to your blog.  There are a zillion stories from your own life. All of your experiences in life taught you a lesson that will more than likely help others. So share what you learned, which leads to information that can help others. So many of my articles relate to a real life mistake or victory, which led to research as to how to do it right.


You absolutely must read other blogs. They are an endless source of blogging ideas. You aren’t looking to copy other writers, so much as generate ideas for writing in your own particular style.
Magazines: Read magazines to see what they are writing about because they are also researching what is current and popular.
Forums: Read forums to see what questions people are asking. What problems they have.
Groups and Social Media: You can outright ask a question to find out what people need and what they are looking for.
Family and friends: Ask the same questions to the people in your life. Ask how they dealt with a problem or even what they would search for online.
The internet is also a great source, there are sites with generators for blogging topic ideas. Maybe you’re even just looking for a great title. You can search a word or two and at the bottom Google will show you popular searches.
Here are a few Blog Topic Generators I like

These tools are really useful for creating great titles as well. That is the first thing people see, what makes them want to read what you’re writing. Today, there is more emphasis being put on Long Tail Keywords opposed to singular keywords. They are two-three word phrases that attract quality traffic.


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