Pillow Secrets Revealed: A Brentwood Home Review

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If you read the giveaway post you probably have a little inkling about Brentwood Home. They Make exciting home products that are free of harmful chemicals and made from natural materials. They are based in California where the standards are tough which they more than meet the mark, producing home products that are healthy and good for the environment.

Pillow Secrets Revealed: The Truth You Need To Know

I am sure when you think about your pillow, all you really care about is it’s that place you lay your head. I admit even though I have known about allergen- free pillows and bedding I really just thought “whatever”. When I learned the truth about how your pillow really mattered I admit to being a little shell-shocked.

Synthetic pillows can make you sick for real! They are treated with chemicals that can actually damage your health, especially if you have Respiratory issues . Bacteria and Dust Mites live and breed in Synthetic Pillows which should horrify you and if you have allergies expect to wake up with a headache and or congestion.

Synthetic pillows tend to lose their shape quickly and for some reason, we hang onto them way too long, a pillow should not be kept longer than 2 years. Sleeping on a bad pillow can actually change the alignment of your spine and create a forward posture which causes neck and back pain.

Sleep Tip: Ladies when you sleep on your side, you are pushing the pillow into your face and causing wrinkles. Try a satin pillowcase and sleeping on your back

The Sleep Wellness Bundle


I received four pillows and here’s a little info about the pillows!

Helena Latex Filled Pillow

The Helena is perfect for those who like it fluffy! It is filled with Kapok. Kapok is actually a tropical tree found primarily in Mexico. The flower contains a cotton like material and Kapok is used often in treating health conditions. All of Brentwood Home pillows come in an easy to remove Organic Cotton covering so you can remove or add fill to your tastes.

Carmel Latex Pillow

This pillow is filled with Latex which is also free of chemicals and another fun fact is Dust Mites don’t like Latex! The Carmel is a firmer pillow and retains its shape in an amazing way. It also doesn’t require much cleaning.

The Pillow Experiment

So when the pillows came I thought I should test them out of course! So we slept on them for a week before forming an opinion. We tried each pillow alone and together just to get the most accurate feel for it. Now I am not much of a sleeper, my husband well he was born to sleep! We both have back issues. Every morning I am the one holding my back when I get up.

I really saw the difference. My back didn’t hurt and I could breathe! Yay! My favorite was the Carmel Latex Pillow. I never really slept on a firm pillow before but I loved it. It cradled my head and neck all night. My husband slept like he always does(like a rock). I can’t thank Brentwood Home enough for the opportunity to experience their amazing products and you should definitely check them out. Here is how to connect with them:



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It’s amazing how much of a difference a good pillow can make. I’ve changed pillows before and noticed how much better my asthma was. These pillows sound great!

Elizabeth Doren

Ok I’m mortified by how old my pillow is and I’m absolutely blaming my wrinkles on it. SUPER informative.

Jennifer Kelly

This review is super thorough. I need a new pillow so badly. I wake up with constant headaches and neck aches!

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