How To Say “I Do” Without Breaking The Bank: Budget Friendly Wedding Tips


Budget Friendly Wedding Planning Made Easy

The average wedding costs more than most people in their twenties earn in a year. As a result, they’re frightfully expensive events that can leave young couples on the verge of bankruptcy. The good news is that things don’t have to be this way. There are things that you can do to slash the cost of your wedding and still have the dream day you always wanted. Here’s how to do it.

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Avoid A Bloated Guest List


When it’s your special day, many brides to feel the urge to invite everybody that they know. But this isn’t actually a good idea, especially if you happen to know a lot of people. Remember, each additional person you invite to your wedding is an extra mouth to feed and extra pressure on space.


budget friendly wedding planning


The Simple Dollar, a website dedicated to helping women save money, suggests that brides look for ways to whittle down their guest list. Start by removing 20 percent of the people on your list, then another 20 percent until you end up with around 60 percent of the people you started with. Overall, this could lead to a 30 percent reduction in your overall costs.


Ask For Help At The Wedding Instead Of Gifts

It’s traditional on wedding days for families and friends of the bride and groom to bring gifts to help the newly married couple start their lives. But it’s an old tradition which no longer really serves the interests of young couples in the way that it once did. A much better strategy is to find out what skills your friends have so that you can save money on your big day.


budget friendly wedding planning


For instance, hiring out a photographer can cost as much as a month’s regular wage. Instead of hiring out a private photographer, why not ask one of your friends who is nifty with a camera to take pictures for you?


Choose A Catering Company

Many couples choose to have their venue cater for them as part of a package deal. But venues know that they have a monopoly on catering options. It’s a good idea, therefore, to consult with outside catering companies that are cheaper and usually provide higher quality food. If you are hosting your wedding at a pub or a hotel, it’s unlikely that they are fully equipped to deal with large groups of people. In these situations, it’s better to go with those who have the most experience.


Cut Back On The Flowers


Some couples like to spend a fortune on mountains of flowers. But you’d be surprised the effect that you can achieve on a far more modest budget. Often a single bouquet for the bride will do, potentially saving you a vast amount of money. If you want to go even cheaper, ask a friend who owns a rose bush to supply you with a fresh rose for when you’re walking up the aisle.

budget friendly wedding planning

Another wedding planning idea is to go with fake flowers. Artificial flowers today are hyper-realistic, meaning that it is unlikely that anybody will notice.


These tips will leave you with more money left over for the honeymoon. So take the time to enjoy your wedding planning, there are ways to rock your big day without going broke.


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