self-confidence and self-esteem


Building Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem are issues all women face early on and difficult to maintain without the right tools.  As we are all about empowering women we knew this topic needed to be discussed.The statistics are unbelievable, check out these facts:

Shockingly, it’s estimated that 80% of preteen American girls have already dieted before hitting their tenth birthday, while insidious Whatsapp groups dedicated to bulimia and anorexia have sprung up overnight where girls have their daily food diary judged by the other members.

Building Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

However, despite a rise in surgical procedures, those who have actually been through cosmetic surgery often regret it later. It’s perfectly ok not always to look a million dollars be wearing anything other than a hoodie or sweats and not have a full face of makeup.

Inner Beauty

Our appearance is mostly down to a genetic lottery, if your mom and dad have good genes and have pleasing, aesthetic features then the chances are you’ll inherit their looks. For instance, mini-me Ava Witherspoon has definitely inherited Reese’s blond hair, blue eyes, and slender figure but according to Reese herself, Ava also has her smile and ability to make people laugh.

Building Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

If you, yourself feel pretty it automatically boosts self-confidence which makes other people notice you, and there’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s at peace with themselves because we all have our insecurities. Practice giving yourself compliments. We don’t mean you should tell the entire office how awesome your hair is but be kind to yourself and if you look good, try telling yourself so!

Write a list of things you like about your personality because how a person behaves towards others is so much more important than how their makeup looks. Try not to overthink it, they can be as simple as you love dogs, you’re good at math or your friends come to you for advice.

Write down affirmations and say them to yourself in the mirror each morning. We know it sounds slightly cheesy but stick with it because it works! Even if it just makes you laugh, gets you pulling funny faces or saying them in hilarious accents you’ll automatically feel better.


Erase Negativity

Funnily enough, even though most of us like other people’s approval when someone actually pays us a compliment we shrug them off, mutter something about ‘this old thing’ and blush before changing the subject completely. Teach yourself to accept compliments but don’t go fishing for them, there’s nothing more off-putting than someone who knows they look great but wants to hear it too!

The next time your friend says your bag looks lovely just smile, say thank you and move on. Don’t let negative thought bubbles blow your confidence either. Everyone struggles with their self-esteem and we all have times we think we’re not good enough, but it’s how you deal with those moments of doubt that matters.

Building Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

Stop being mean to yourself because you’d never tell your friends that they look fat, have bad hair or their thighs look too thick so why do it to yourself? We can’t stop thoughts appearing, but the best way to deal with them is to acknowledge it’s negative and then try to turn it into a positive one.

For example, if you think your hair looks kind of messy then focus on how cool your jewelry looks and just pop a funky fedora on! Stop comparing yourself to other people too! We can’t be anyone else so instead focus on how amazing it is to be you because we guarantee your friends are jealous of your career, relationship, ability to rock bodycon dresses or the way you can wear super high heels.

Building Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

If you’re really struggling with feeling pretty then fake it till you make it! Still feeling low? Take a cute selfie! Why? Because you can hide what you hate, emphasize what you love and add all the cool filters you want. If you’re looking for tips on how to take the perfect shot look no further than Kim Kardashian’s book Selfish, she really is the queen of making staged poses look natural!

Have A Make Over

Building Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

If you don’t like your hair go ahead and change it! The real beauty of hair, makeup and clothes is that they reflect our evolving personalities and self-esteem. Changing your appearance doesn’t just give you a super quick confidence boost but also helps break you out of a style rut.

Mind you; there’s no better excuse than dying your hair candy pink when it comes to splashing out on a whole new wardrobe. Makeovers don’t need to be expensive either as home dye kits are ten a penny and your local cosmetic counter will happily give you a new look, while the assistant helps you try out some new shades, products, and techniques.

Building Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

Don’t forget that makeup washes off so don’t be afraid to try blue eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, or rainbow lipstick because you never know what you’ll fall in love with. It doesn’t have to be just makeup; a few key pieces can change your whole style, and glittery nail polish adds fun sparkle as well as being a secret self-reminder that you’re a star!

Get Fit

You may not have Beyonce’s Bootiful booty at the moment, but by toning up your glutes with regular weight lifting sessions you’ll be well on your way to building self-esteem! Being healthy isn’t just good for our physical fitness but also boosts endorphin levels which, in turn, gives us more energy and love for life.

Don’t neglect your beauty sleep because not getting enough shut-eye has an enormous impact on our appearance as well as making us tired, groggy, grumpy and more prone to getting sick.


We all look cuter with sun rays dancing in our hair and lighting up our skin so make sure to get plenty of vitamin D by going for a run, playing a game of frisbee, walking the dog, heading down the beach for a surf lesson or enjoying an outdoor yoga class. Take your friends with you too because everything’s better when we have someone to share it with. Laughing lights up your face as well as relaxing your features and reducing chances of wrinkles so make sure to have plenty of fun. At the end of the day, genuinely

Take your friends with you too because everything’s better when we have someone to share it with. Laughing lights up your face as well as relaxing your features and reducing chances of wrinkles so make sure to have plenty of fun. At the end of the day, genuinely pretty people are those who make time for others and not just themselves.

In the end self-confidence and self-esteem has less to do with how we look and more to do with the messages we are sending ourselves. Do what makes you feel good about yourself and tell yourself every day how awesome you are.

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