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How To Care For Your Beauty Products

Did you know that makeup comes with expiration dates? Makeup does expire. I, like many women are obsessed with makeup. I buy and buy throwing it in my makeup box. In my mind, I knew that it needs to be replaced but it’s not food so I never really took it seriously.


Why You Need To Toss Expired Beauty Products

Using products that have expired has consequences. For one thing, it doesn’t work as well so what would be the point. Mascara will be clumpy and upon applying you will notice the difference. Not only that but it is terrible for your skin.



Many products offer protection from the sun or SPF and over time the molecules break down and it becomes ineffective. There is also the risk oaf developing an allergic reaction which can result in Dermatitis and swell. Bacteria is also a concern. Eye makeup, especially Liner and Mascara that is expired can cause eye infections like pink eye.

Here is guide to when you should replace your makeup:

Mascara: 3 Months


Eyeshadow: 6 Months



Lipstick: 1 Year



Eyeliner: 6 Months



Blush: 2 years


Foundation, Concealer, and Lipliner should all be replaced within a year.

Caring For Your Tools


I never realized how important it was to keep your beauty products and tools super clean. You know you put on your makeup and you forget about it. There are germs on everything you touch so just imagine the germs especially if you aren’t keeping these things clean and enclosed in a clean area or storage bin.


You need to pay close attention to your tools. The brushes and sponges are what actually touch your skin. Some blending sponges are simply disposable after a few uses. Some can be cleaned. Makeup Artists clean their brushes after every use and most agree that you should use Anti-bacterial or Organic soap and water.

So maybe for the average person it can be time-consuming and excessive to clean your brushes after every us but definitely once a week.



You wouldn’t wash your face with a dirty cloth so why use tools that get used every day and not cleaned? Pay attention to how old your makeup is so you don’t face health risks and skin discomfort down the line. Be your own kind of beautiful!

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