Completing The Look With The Perfect Wedding Dress Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your venue, invited your guests, finalized the reception plan, and settled on the dress of your dream, all you’ve got remaining is the smaller details. Accessorizing your wedding dress can seem like a big deal, and it can be really daunting too, but choosing the wedding dress accessorries should be straightforward, just follow these simple rules.

Match your metals

Matching the metal to the shade of your dress can really emphasize the beautiful fabric and take the dress to the next level. The general rule is that cool toned dresses, such as white, should be wedding dress accessories with silver or platinum, and warmer shades such as ivory and champagne are better matched with gold jewelry. If your gown has silver or diamante beading, be sure to pick silver and diamond accessories – it just helps to keep the look together as a whole.

wedding dress accessories

Less is more

Overdoing the jewelry can look far too much on top of an elaborate gown, tiara, and veil. Keeping the look subtle allows you to embellish, without drawing focus away from the important features. Diamonds are a great shout as diamond prices vary so much, so it’s easy to stick to your budget, and they look effortlessly classy. If you’re opting for a tiara and veil, simple diamond stud earrings and droplet necklaces allow you to look adorned, but not overdone.

wedding dress accessories


You don’t have to use a veil

Styling a veil with the wedding dress can be tricky. Color, length, fastenings, and hairstyle all have to be taken into account. Many brides opt to avoid the veil altogether in favor of a more elaborate up-do, fancier jewelry, or a more minimalist look. Don’t just assume you have to choose a veil – discover your options first.

Don’t forget the comfort factor

You’re going to have to wear these accessories all day and night. There will be eating, dancing, drinking and laughing, so they have to be comfortable. Weighty earrings can cause soreness after a while, so unless you’re used to them, it’s best to go for something lightweight. Don’t stray too far from what you know – you don’t want to be trialing a new look on your big day.

Choose a pretty cover up

If you’re getting married in the cooler months, a cute cover up such as a shawl or bolero is a great way to keep you warm. Make sure you get the color right, though – a white shawl with an ivory dress can really clash. If your gown is already quite ornate, stick to a simpler cover up, and if you’ve got a plain gown, a beaded or sequined shawl can look really special.

Ensure it suits your neckline

Choosing a wedding dress accessorie necklace to suit your neckline can be tricky, so make sure you try them on together before you commit. If you’re going for a halterneck dress, it’s usually simpler to skip the necklace altogether and bring the focus up to a stunning tiara or interesting fascinator instead.


Wedding dress accessories are all about bringing your own sense of style into your big day, but it’s safer to follow these rules as well, just to be sure.

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