A Woman’s Guide To Chronic Illness


Any one of us could be heading towards a health disaster without knowing. The clock is always ticking, and it seems now, more than ever, our health is at risk. To make our health fears worse, there are so many headlines that dramatize any potential hazards.

The amount of things we have to look out for can be completely overwhelming. It’s almost easier to ignore the warnings than go to a doctor.  After all, we’d be at the doctors all the time if we listened to every warning. Right? But what about when you do find yourself seriously ill. It’s easy, when illness strikes, to feel alone. After all, you’re the one going through this. After diagnosis, you might feel that even your family don’t understand. It’s crucial at those low points to remember that you aren’t alone. Keep in mind that there are people out there who are going through the same thing as you.

Finding Resources When Dealing With Illness





Finding a support group can be an invaluable tool in overcoming that feeling of loneliness. This is especially true if your diagnosis is a new one. There must be so many questions you want answers to. Joining a support group filled with people who are in your position is the best way to get answers.




You can make great friends in these groups. You’ll be surrounded by individuals who understand what you’re going through. It can be a nerve-wracking thing to consider, but a group might be the best thing for you. It’s certain to help you understand your illness better.




If a support group seems like too much for you, you could always try joining an online group. There is more information available than ever before. Researching your condition could do a lot to put your mind at ease. Of course, there are sites that will make you feel even more helpless about your condition too.

You’re going to have to keep a level head before entering the minefield of internet research. There are sites available about so many different conditions. COPD Life is calling, and Macmillan cancer support is waiting to help you, as are so many other sites. Talking to people online might also give you the boost to join a group local to you.




If an online discussion is too much for you at this stage, that’s fine too. There are plenty of books available about battles with all types of illnesses. The beauty of a memoir is that it makes you feel less alone, while also holding your condition at a safe distance.


When coming to terms with a diagnosis, it can be difficult to discuss your condition as relating to you. Reading about someone else’s struggle is an effective way of coming to terms with what’s ahead.

However you choose to cope with the hand life has given you, remember that you aren’t alone. There are people out there who could help you. Reach out and talk to someone.

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